Questions involving Stinky Otakus


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When doing a thorough search in the interest of my readers, I realized that several people on google ask many questions related to otakus. People ask things like why otaku are called Stinky Otaku?

With that in mind, we decided to write this article by answering several questions involving otaku. Some may seem like silly questions, but a fair number of people actually ask these questions on google.

What does Otaku mean?

The word otaku [オタク] is a Japanese term used to refer to people who are addicted to something. Over time this word began to be used frequently to refer to fans of anime, manga, novels and games.

If you want to know more about the real meaning of the word Otaku, already we wrote an article and we also have the video below:

Why are otakus called stinky Otaku?

Some people call others stinky otaku not as an offense, but because of a meme that went viral. Some use this expression only to mock and cause bullshit. The origin of this meme is not known for certain, it is believed that it appeared on facebook through an image of a skull saying falls to the stinky otaku stick.

For some reason even the otakus helped spread this meme and often use that expression to offend other otakus who are of a totally different level. Did you know the stinky otaku meme? Or did you think your origin had greater significance? Maybe because otaku are isolated at home and don't take a shower?

This meme from the Otakus Fedidos gave rise to other questions that are quite popular on Google:

  • Why is otakus afraid of skeleton?
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Why do otomes and otakus like paçoca?

I have no idea why they ask this, it was probably another meme that emerged through social networks. The real question should be: Who doesn't like Paçoca? Perhaps because it is a cheap and easily accessible candy that can be found in any small store next to the house where Otaku rarely leaves.

It was probably some Stinky Otaku that spread this hoax over the internet, so much so that if you search more about why otaku likes paçoca on Google you won't find anything relevant besides bad jokes and puns in comments on anime-related websites and blogs. Have you ever bought your stinky otaku?

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Why do otakus like Mupy?

Do you know what mupy is? A small drink based on soy milk with fruit juice looking like a creamy but less solid and better. This drink is made in Brazil by a Brazilian team, very easy to be found in anime and Japanese culture events.

Perhaps the simple key factor of being easily accessible food at anime events is the main answer to why otaku like Mupy. Whenever I go to an anime or Japanese culture event, I need to buy 10 Mupy and I like it so much. Ironically I hate milk and soy!

Why is otakus afraid of an umbrella?

Because of the deadly scene where a girl is living for a umbrella in the Another anime. You can see the macabre and scary scene below: 

Apparently several people search on Google why otaku are retarded, or imagine in their mind as a pejorative term. Below is a complete list of frequently asked questions on Google:

  • Ota-ku is retarded?
  • Ota-ku is a nerd?
  • Ota-ku are people?
  • Ota-ku is a pejorative term?
  • Ota-ku is a retard thing?
  • Ota-ku is garbage?
  • Ota-ku is a geek?
  • Ota-ku is a disease?
  • Ota-ku is an offense?
  • Ota-ku is boring?
  • Ota-ku is pejorative?

Unfortunately, I'm sorry to answer YES for all the questions asked above, in case you want to dig deeper into the meaning of being an otaku you can read our article by clicking here.

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Questions about Otakus involving the word “How”

On the site I researched to find suggestions for articles involving the word Otaku, I came across several other bizarre questions that can be answered with articles already written on the site. I'll leave them below and you can click on the texts in other colors to access the answer (you might think: I'm otaku but I'm not stupid):

How to be kawaii otaku? A - Don't ask me why someone wants to become a kawaii otaku, luckily we have one full article talking about kawaii in Japan who can answer your questions. 

How do otakus dress? A - Unless you are not cosplaying, they dress in the normal way like any human being, sometimes using an anime shirt or some accessories to highlight their fanaticism for Japanese anime.

  • How to be otaku at school? R - Watch anime instead of studying;
  • How does an otaku behave? R - Like a mental retard! lol
  • How does an otaku zero out life? R - Watching anime all day long;
  • How is otaku in women? R - Despite being called otome in Brazil, there is no female and male in the Japanese word, it is suitable for both sexes;
  • How do you write otaku in Japanese? R - オタク;
  • How to date an otaku? R - Just come, they are soft;
  • How to be an otaku woman? A - Don't be slow to do this, if you want to be one, be slow!