Steins;Gate Review: A Must-Play Visual Novel

Steins;Gate is a visual novel released on October 15, 2009. Steins;Gate was made from a partnership between the companies “5pb and Nitroplus”.

In Steins Gate the player watches a series of animations, and can even participate and interfere in the story. The action is only limited to making a few choices at certain times.

This was not the first game made in partnership, and the two companies have a project called "Science Adventure".

The Science Adventure project currently consists of 5 main games: Chaos;Head, Steins;Gate, Steins;Gate 0, Chaos;Child and Robotics;Notes.

One of the notable features of the game is in the name itself, by using the semicolon.

All Science Adventure games take place in the same universe, having a sci-fi theme. The Chaos;Head and Chaos;Child games focus on people with reality-altering powers. The other two Steins;Gate focus on time travel.

Robotics;Notes has a special focus on science and science fiction, not having that supernatural touch. Being made up of things related to robotics and things like Mecha.

It is quite remarkable that all 5 games have points where they coincide, such as the beginning of the story by some murder, or with supposed theories that are presented in some of these, if you are a very attentive player you can notice things of this nature.

But today, our focus will be on Steins;Gate.


And here is a brief synopsis:

The events of Steins;Gate take place in Akihabara, set in the year 2010, having its drama around the character Okabe Rintarou, or as he prefers to be called, Hououin Kyoma, who is a self-proclaimed insanely mad scientist, who for some reason is the most wanted by a “Secret Organization, which initially only exists in his head.

He is the creator of the Gadget of the Future group aim to create a utopia against all the structures that dominate the world, creating inventions that bring chaos.

The group has two other members: Shiina Mayuri, a girl a little bit weird and avoids and being a lone member of the lab, whose hobby is making cosplay clothes, according to Kyouma's words. and the super hacker Hashida Itaru, or Daru, the protagonist's best friend, who has a great knowledge of technology and the most notable in him is the ultra ability to hack.

The story begins with Kyouma and Mayuri going to a possible theory conference for a working time machine created by Professor Nakabachi. After some events, he hears a scream, he decides to go see what happened and then he finds the stabbed body of Makise Kurisu, a girl he had talked to shortly before she was killed.

On the way back to the group's lab, he decides to send a text message to Daru, informing him of what he had just seen and upon confirming the sending, something totally unexpected happens, perhaps the only invention of the group that worked: o D-Mail or Microwave Telephone.


Jhon Titor

Anyone who watched the anime or played the novel learned of the existence of Jhon Titor, a time traveler who supposedly came from the year 2036!

In the mid-2000s, the internet was already popular, but it was not the same today, where everyone has access to it.

The alleged traveler presented himself through an internet forum, which today does not exist anymore, however, all the content related to Jhon Titor was migrated to another forum.

Titor's first sentence was: “Greetings. I am a time traveler in the year 2036 ”.

Several things from Visual Novel were inspired by Jhon Titor, such as the “IBM 5100” idea.

He made several predictions for the future, explained the functioning of the time machine and many other things.

He first said that he went back to the year 2001 to get an IBM 5100 to take to the future, as this unit had an error that presented data and other company stuff, being necessary for future use. Since in Titor's timeline, the world would be in its respective third world war, so technology was not big things, having greater preferences for old machines.

At first, many joked and didn't believe Titor, but throughout the conversation some users had complex and long-lasting conversations with the traveler.

But of course, Titor left mistakes from his past, causing some to doubt him in the future, but if we believe in the Steins;Gate Theories, Titor could have made changes to the timelines, changing the successive route of events, thus avoiding some of the catastrophes. that were predicted.

Personal Evaluation

Only those who have played the Visual Novel know how fantastic it is. One of the most surprising things about Steins;Gate is that the game attracts you more and more, using artifices such as people, facts and real theories, like John Titor, and some other theories that are based on the fundamentals of time travel.

In a way Steins;Gate is not a Visual Novel for everyone, as it requires a vast knowledge of theories, since at each moment a subject of medium/high complexity arises, but of course, it depends on each one's taste. Being a little rejected by people who don't like or don't accept the changes made in time, as well as some scenes that are contradictory, but that are revealed throughout the entire story.

The dynamics between the characters are almost perfect, another point that doesn't leave anything to be desired is the development of the characters, where all of them were used. The secondary characters also played a big part in the drama. The novel is not indebted to Arcos, but rather an ongoing narrative between all the characters, this is one of Steins;Gate's strengths.

The artigo is still half finished, but we recommend opening it to read the following later:


Strong points:

  • Brilliant art and concepts;
  • It has an intriguing history, which does not disappoint;
  • Sympathetic and charismatic characters, unconventional characters;

What is lacking:

  • Japanese only audio;
  • Some parts are confusing, however, the game is self-explanatory;

Script – 10/10.

Steins;Gate's script is simply phenomenal, being considered one of the best Visual Novels of the genre.

The most impressive thing about Steins;Gate is the fact that it never leaves a subject unexplained, always maintaining its foundation. Steins;Gate's biggest promises are the well-crafted structure on the topic of time travel, the references to real theories, real groups and real people.

The fundamentals of time travel are fictional, but Steins;Gate gives rules and fundamentals that make sense, so the topic isn't vague.

The plot was very well structured. One thing that can bother some people is the pace, which has a slow start. I don't believe that the slow pace at first spoils the writing as a whole. Since the time is decisive for the development of the characters, for the game to become pleasant, and like all Visual Novel your choices will have consequences, so if you don't take the nature of the characters your choice cannot be the best, and all experience that the game brings may be lost.

The whole game is an intellectual roller coaster, and it's fun.

Playability - 8.5/10

The gameplay is quite simple, but of course, it can be lost with some changes. Like any other Visual Novel, you make choices and the reading is immense. However, Steins;Gate is very linear and the choices you make won't have much of an impact on the plot. Also, the way you make decisions is also slightly different in Steins; Gate. In Steins;Gate they have a phone trigger system where whenever you get a message or a call you have to make a choice and depending on your choices things will change. The phone's firing system is very subtle, and it's a very nice and unique way to interact with the game. The mobile-based style of play makes Novel different from others that always have the same standard.

Visuals - 9.5/10

Applause for the 16:9 screen! Steins;Gate has a fascinating look, which also differs slightly from the norm. And it's very aesthetically pleasing. Everything is nice in Steins;Gate, like random in-game items like Oopa's, the character designs, and the backgrounds. The characters have a Seinen-style designer, a combination that ended up working with the comic style that almost all characters have.

Sound - 8.5/10

Total - 9.75 / 10.

Steins; Gate is one of those games that no one can miss trying. Steins;Gate is amazing, so much so that it covers a lot of time travel issues. Something that other games are always too afraid to cover.

I hope you like the recommendation, if you like I can make others, so leave your comments! El Psy Congroo.

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