Similarities in Games of Chance in Brazil and Japan

Games of chance are present everywhere, to bring misfortune to the many and luck to the few. What are the similarities between Japan's games of chance and Brazil?

Both countries are strict when it comes to gambling, but both offer legal means to support the desire for luck rewards through lotteries, gambling and betting.

Japan x Brazil lotteries

Both countries have lotteries with similar games. In Japan we have Nematsu Jumbo Takarakuji that resembles Mega da Virada. and Jumbo Green, Jumbo Dream and Jumbo Summer.

Japan Lotto is named according to the number of hits, we have Mini Lotto, Numbers 4, Numbers 3 and Lotto 6 and 7. In Japan we also have Sukuratchi.

While lottery tickets in Brazil are bought at lottery houses, in Japan they can be bought at city halls, cashiers, points of sale called Takarakuji and also convenience stores.

In Brazil, in addition to federal lotteries, we also have some types of draws such as telesena and others that emerged but disappeared after being exposed as fraud. In Japan, something big and third like the tele sena is not so common.

Similarities in games of chance in Brazil and Japan

Japan vs Brazil Casinos

In Brazil slot machines and casinos are prohibited, in Japan too, but there are the famous pachinko which are a kind of slot machine in which you win little balls that can be exchanged for gifts.

The Japanese are very addicted to Pachinko, and these places are openly visible and publicized, they are huge like big shopping malls, and the marketing is done a lot.

One day I was on the streets of Tokyo and I found a woman dressed in a kimono throwing water on the ground making heart shapes just to promote a Pachinko.

Despite being gifts that are usually Otaku products, the Japanese know that deep down they exchange their balls for money, becoming a real game of chance.

Although slot machines are banned in Brazil, in some places it is possible to find these machines illegally. The government is also unable to stop online slot machines or giveaways like Catcha and Arcades that are not prohibited.

In Japan slot machines are themed and fun, so they often attract customers in different ways besides the possibility of winning and winning. The pachinko game itself is much more fun than spinning a roulette wheel.

Online casinos are also very popular in both countries. If you want to know which are the best casinos available online, see reviews on casinov

Similarities in games of chance in Brazil and Japan

Japan x Brazil Bookmakers

In Brazil there are some clandestine betting houses of different types of niche, cockfighting, sports betting and animal gambling. We probably have similar things in Japan, but what dominates the country is horse racing.

Horse racing is the most popular type of bet in Japan, in Brazil the popular ones at the moment are sports bets, mainly football bets, but everything is usually done online by apps.

In addition to horse racing, Japan usually bets on bicycle races (keirin), boat races (kyotei) and motorcycle races (oto resu). Not to mention online betting.

Similarities in games of chance in Brazil and Japan

Gambling, Cards and Poker Games

Poker is very popular all over the world, but generally poker games are played on the sly in both countries. Usually money bets are made between friends without the consent of authorities.

In Japan gambling games involving millions are played between rich and Yakuza members. In addition to Poker in Japan, bets involving Majhong and other traditional Japanese games are common.

In Brazil we have bets involving sports games, cards like truco and many others. It is noteworthy that generally these games are not seen as casino or gambling.

Similarities in games of chance in Brazil and Japan

Japan x Brazil Raffles and Bingos

In Japan, the law prohibits the holding of bingos, sweepstakes and raffles for the purpose of obtaining and awarding money without authorization. You can make raffles, bingos and sweepstakes using gifts and prizes through a purchase, but you cannot make it commercial.

In allowed sweepstakes people cannot pay for coupons and entry. Raffles and other means of raising money that are popular in Brazil need to be viewed with caution in Japan.

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