Should I or should I not create a blog or website?

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Many people are generating money through websites and blogs, this is a true fact! The big problem is that people have no idea that for this to happen they need a good team and organization. In this article, we will understand if it is worthwhile or not to create a blog or website on the internet, be it anime, games, Japan or something of interest.

I personally have great difficulty and I do practically everything myself, but I have already learned about marketing, SEO, php, wordpress, html and things related to the internet. It took me about 2 years to leave Suki Desu on the first pages of google in thousands of keywords. I still think I have a huge path ahead of me, and I know that I can't fight this fight alone.

Devo ou não criar um blog ou site?


Why shouldn't I set up a blog or website?

I know that many want to create a blog just for leisure and fun, with no goal of profit or without responsibility. I personally find this a waste of time, because sites that don't receive updates daily and with shallow content, are practically ghosts on google. Nobody reads, and you will be writing to the wind.

Even more in this generation of people who are too lazy to read, and prefer to watch videos on youtube. The 2008 blogging era where they exchanged banners and wrote anything to appear on Google is over. The search engine is getting smarter and giving positions only to sites with good layout, speed, minimalist and with texts over 500 words.

Not to mention that it is practically impossible to beat the top Google champions, not even I know how I managed to achieve this feat in some subjects on the site. Every day I practically focus on writing an article of 900 words, if not at least 300. I wish I could do more, publish news, improve the audience of social networks, etc.

If you want to write just for leisure, why not try writing on our website? We need editors and their content will be visible to thousands of people, you can achieve a lot more results with that. Over time you gain the skill and experience necessary to create your own business if you want something more profitable.


Devo ou não criar um blog ou site?

What does it take to make a blog or website?

If you still want to create a website and profit from it in the future, stay tuned for the following tips and trivia:

Stay away from Blogger - Google blogs are for people who don't want to grow, you will be limited, you can lose your blog at any time, in addition to not having full autonomy of the site.


Site is work - People think making money on a website is easy, but I would say it is stressful and difficult, even more than a secular 8/5 job.

Learn first - Before entering the world of the internet without knowing what to do, study everything about SEO, wordpress, hosting and things necessary to make a website successful.

Visits do not generate profit - I receive more than 200,000 visits per month and I can't even generate 500 reais. Fortunately, there is another option to profit besides visits, which are sales.


Beware of CopyRight - Do not even think about taking pictures from google or copying texts, this does not generate profit and can cause problems.

Try to Innovate - Although there is competition in every niche, there is room for everyone. Especially if you try to be different from the others, don't follow the pack.

Devo ou não criar um blog ou site?

Where can I learn how to make a successful website?

To create a successful website is not enough to go crazy! You need to learn the techniques and the best way to achieve success quickly without wasting time. People say: Time is money, this is true! With money you also save time and earn more money. So we recommend that you are not afraid to make investments, especially in knowledge.

We have separated some courses below that can help you learn several things about creating a website! We ask you to examine each one calmly and choose the ones you like best. Remembering that no course is miraculous, they just teach you everything you need to know, then you must apply it to get results.

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Below we will leave other Udemy courses that I recommend:



This article is kind of old, it was here in the drafts of my website and finally I decided to publish it and I didn't find other more specific recommendations for blogs. I hope you enjoyed it, when I have time I will discuss more on this subject on another site.