Shiritori - Word Game


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Shiritori (しりとり) is a very simple word game and popular with Japanese children and Japanese students. The Game helps you to train and analyze your vocabulary.

The game is simple: A player starts with one word, and each player must continue with another word that starts with the last letter (syllable) of the previous word. He cannot repeat words, and the player who speaks a word that ends with n (ん) loses the game.

Other optional rules:

  • Only nouns are valid. Common pronouns and place names may be allowed;
  • A long vowel can either be ignored or considered a vowel;
  • Dakuten and handakuten can be ignored or added;
  • The length of a word must be three or more syllables.

The game has several other rules that can be included in the game, to make it easier or harder. It is a very simple and interesting game to play, and it can be played and played in any language.

Example game:

  • Player 1: sakura (さく)
  • Player 2: rajio ()
  • Player 3: onigiri (にぎ)
  • Player 1: risu ()
  • Player 2: disappeared ()
  • Player 3: udon () - Lost!

Now that you've probably understood how to play, you can use the comments to start a game.

You can also easily download a game or application on your phone, just search for "Shiritori" in the app store.