Metaverse City: Find out how Seoul will be the first city to enter the Metaverse

One of the most talked about subjects in the technological world is, by far, the metaverse, after all it is an innovation that was previously only a reality in movies. Including Seoulcapital of South Korea, will be the stage for how this technology will be used to its greatest capacity.

Last year (2021), the term gained even more strength when Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook would change its name to Meta and focus on developing this new virtual universe.

Since then, other sectors began to explore this universe, even without having the necessary information to understand the technology's potential.

The expectation is that, in a few years, companies that provide vehicle tracking service can use the metaverse as a tool where it will be easier to win new customers.

Overall, many companies expect this new technology to be very useful for sales. In practice, they expect the virtual world to be used as a way for customers to experience the product being sold.

Providing this experience to your consumers will, in fact, be fundamental to leverage sales, after all, sometimes we only decide to buy something when we have tested its features.

It is also worth noting that some industries that make up the market are already doing their part within this new technology. The sectors that are betting on the metaverse are:

  • Entertainment;
  • Education;
  • Fashion;
  • Foods.

Taking a more current example of the metaverse, we can use the experience that the last BBB participants had, which was witnessing what technology has to offer. 

But what exactly is the metaverse? And how did the term come about? How to enter and invest in this virtual reality? The answer to these questions you will see below.

What is the metaverse?

Briefly, the metaverse can be defined as a virtual space that involves different worlds. In other words, you might be involved in a meeting focused on issues related to airport transfer or being at a relaxed meeting with friends in a random place.

One of the goals of this technology is to replicate reality with a focus on social connection, that is, to promote greater interaction between people. According to the enthusiasts of the proposal, like the CEO of Meta himself, they believe that the metaverse is the future of the internet.

As expectations become increasingly positive, companies are starting to adapt to the arrival of technology, including companies that help people do machinery export packaging, where the metaverse will be fundamental to help customers.

As soon as technology becomes a reality for most people, the expectation is that we will all be inside this digital universe, which also aims to reduce the barriers between the physical and the virtual, and that avatars become an extension of the our body.

As you can imagine, the metaverse uses augmented virtual reality technology so that the user has a greater immersion in the world in which he is inserted. Access to this world can be done through glasses and gauntlets, which are connected to computers or smartphones.

Through this equipment, people can have, for example, the real experience of working as logistics customs broker, being a great alternative for students who want to work in this area.

Since when virtual reality has been perfected, companies are looking to develop lighter and more accessible models for people, especially in underdeveloped countries.

It is worth mentioning that these same companies are also studying more extreme ways to enter a virtual world, such as an implant in the brain.

As much as the idea is scary at first, for some it can be essential to help in the growth of various professions, such as professionals who work in the field of commercial cleaning.

The idea of having an implant inside the brain to enter a virtual space, for some people, is frightening. On the other hand, other people support the idea, and one of the reasons for this support is not having to use traditional equipment.

There is a portion of the population that has an alternative idea about the metaverse. For them, technology is just an experience without immersion through common screens, but which include the social part.

In this context, it is inevitable not to remember Fortnite or Roblox, which can be accessed through smartphones, PCs, consoles or even more advanced technologies, such as  other resources that are being used daily within new daters.

When it comes to the metaverse, most entrepreneurs and experts believe in one point: for the metaverse imagined by Mark Zuckerberg to become a reality, it will be necessary to converge several technologies and improve many tools that exist today.

For this whole process to happen, scholars believe that completion can take up to a decade. In practice, this evolution will need to go through several stages, such as a Import declaration. It is a great technology that, in order to be accessible to everyone, will take a long time.

What is the origin of the metaverse?

Originally the term “metaverse” came from the science fiction novel called “Snow Crash” (1992), by Neal Stephenson. In this case, he joined the words “meta” (which can be translated from English as “transcendent” or “more comprehensive”) and “universe”.

In the book, characters use avatars to enter the online world, and most of the time they have to flee to escape the horrors that take place within this digital universe.

Another important figure worth mentioning was Philip Rosedale, creator of Second Life, a virtual game in which people could create their characters and interact with each other within a fully online universe, created in 1999 and launched in 2003.

Virtual reality as we know it today began to take shape in the 1990s in the gaming industry. Currently, this technological resource is being studied to be used in several areas, even in security camera system installation.

With the release of Sega VR, many people who were part of the gaming scene at that time were quite surprised by the news. However, the idea of combining virtual reality with social media started to gain traction with the Facebook announcement.

How is Korea being a part of this?

The Korean city of Seoul will soon launch the fully online Seoul Town Square, including augmented reality event environments, during a pilot program that aims to test the functionality of the metaverse.

The project known as Metaverse Seoul is being managed by the Seoul Institute of Technology (SIT) in partnership with the local government. For people who want to experience the technology, the immersive metaverse will be available for access through the SIT website.

It is important to say that Seoul is one of the most connected cities in the world, with more than 95% of its ten million inhabitants connected to 4G and 5G services. In addition to these services, the city also provides an extensive free wi-fi network with more than 100,000 access points.

Immersive Metaverse Experience

When users access the metaverse, they will initially need to create their avatars and, soon after, enter the virtual world, where they will have access to real-time information about temperatures, weather and air in the real city.

When the platform is officially open to the public, for example, virtual cherry blossoms will be in bloom.

It is also worth mentioning that the platform's real-time synchronization feature will allow visitors to see the virtual location change according to the season.

By passing over the underground walkway that crosses the square, users can reach the area where meetings will be held remotely, also including conferences and press conferences.

The Korean city also plans to organize cultural experiences in the metaverse, such as the recreation of the historic Yukjo-geori (Six Ministries Street) of the Joseon dynasty, as well as developing virtual means of payment on the exhibited arts, such as the famous NFTs.

Seoul will help create smart cities

Once the metaverse is actually put in place in Seoul, the platform will help consolidate various city services through digital twin technology, as well as facilitate access to local security footage, report fires and improve all public infrastructure.

As an example, we can use the S-Map service, which already provides a digital twin service to develop urban planning, real-time fire monitoring and wind trajectory analysis.
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