Randoseru – The indestructible japanese backpack


In this article, we will talk about the famous Randoseru (ランドスル), the standardized and resistant backpack used by students on the elementary school in Japan.

The origin of randoseru

The name “Randoseru” is derived from the word “Ransel” from Dutch, that means backpack. It appeared in Edo period, the soldiers used it to carry yours belongs. In 1885, the Japanese government, through Gakushūin school, come up with the ideal backpack for your students of elementary school.

These backpacks were rough, resistant, and it lasted for years. It was designed to not hurt the back, as the students walked in groups to school. Although it is expensive, these backpacks become a fashion, and it is required in some traditional schools.

Randoseru – the indestructible japanese backpack

How are the randoseru?

Until nowadays the Randoseru usually is made by hand, and it has a complex process. The manufacturing involves the use of material variety, with more than 200 accessories, besides sewing, it involves nailing, gluing, drilling of shoulder straps, riveting and other.

The manufacturers trust so much in their work that they give 6 years of assurance for the consumer. The usual colors are black for boys and red for girls. But nowadays others colors is getting popular. Some grandparents give to their grandchild the Randoseru before they get in school.

The Randoseru backpack usually has 30 cm high, 23 cm wide, and 18 cm deep, your weight is about 1kg and it has a soft type of leather or others material that touches the body.

Randoseru – the indestructible japanese backpack

How much cust a randoseru?

The backpack durability will depend on the material, and it will determine the price. A Randoseru of leather is usually above 30.000 yen, and it can be even more than 90.000 yen.

There are cheap Randoseru made of synthetic material. For people who want to save money, they can find it on the internet for 9.000 yen, but this version can be false.

Where to buy a randoseru?

One of the best site to buy one Randoseru is Aliexpress. Below we separate 3 Randoseru to you take a look, remembering that you can choose different sellers and colors when accessing the product.

Randoseru is a cultural icon

These backpacks won a big space on Japanese Culture, from 2001, until grown girls use this backpack. Out from Japan, Randoseru is getting fame and bringing curiosity. In 2014, the actress Zooey Deschanel posted pictures on social media using a Randoseru.

To finish this article, we will leave some videos showing a little more about the Randoseru and your manufacturing.

Thanks Igor Thalles for translate this is article.

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  1. We love the values and tradition which the Randoseru backpack embodies! However, as a backpack originally made for young children, the ergonomics simply does not allow an adult to carry it. If you are looking for one that fits the professional working adult like us we found a cool one at thehako.com. It’s sleek and light and is designed for adults. They only make in small quantities so you will have to try your luck if you can get one!


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