Projects for Suki Desu – 2017

Hi, this is Kevin from Suki Desu and in this article I would like to talk about several projects that we are doing for the site in 2017! Our website reached 45 thousand likes on facebook earlier this year, thank you very much, but I think we can achieve more together. xD That's why I created the members area on the website, hoping that all of you can participate in generating the most content for Japan.

At the end of 2016 I made a server change, hiring a more expensive Cloud, I did it all with the objective of speeding up the site, supporting more visits and allowing visitors to register, create articles and participate in the forum. Unfortunately this has not happened, so I am taking some strategic steps to make the members area worthwhile.

VIP Members Area

The VIP members area is an exclusive category for members who collaborated in some way, in this category we intend to study several Japanese texts, songs, tips and complex subjects that require a lot of dedication and research. We will also include articles with tips for traveling to Japan, work, life and many other things, in reality the VIP area is an area where I want to dedicate 100% to these people, and generate as much content of value as possible and eternal.

In this VIP area we also intend to share videos, audio files, quizzes, books and pdf files. In addition to tips and curiosities from Japan, one of the focuses of the VIP area is to gather content for learning Japanese through texts, manga, light novels, anime, songs, dramas, etc.

It is worth making it clear that we are not creating any Japanese courses, we already have our great partner Luiz Rafael. We are only creating content for studies, tips and exclusive information.

This VIP area will open around March/April and will have several options for signing up. To become a VIP you will be able to choose between:

  • Single value payment;
  • Collaboration with 10 articles. (Number may change over time)
  • Sweepstakes active people on the website and members area;
  • People who enroll in the Japanese Online Program through our website;
  • Among other options and alternatives;

Projects for suki desu - 2017

Writing articles to become VIP

The main option is the one-time payment that will allow the person to have VIP access forever. For a person to become a VIP member they need to be registered on the site. Another way to become a VIP is to write 10 articles and send them for review, which must be approved. The person before writing the articles should keep in mind the following rules:

  • Articles with at least 300 words;
  • Make sure that the subject does not exist on the website;
  • Make sure the subject is related to the site and is useful;
  • Do not copy and paste from other sites, we want original articles;

This was one of the options we found for people who are interested in becoming a VIP member but are unable to invest. and at the same time it fills the lack of articles on our site, and dramatically increases the content.

You can find out all the content that VIP members have access by viewing the VIP category, if you are interested in just one article, you can make an equivalent exchange by submitting an article for review and explaining your interest in a particular article.

Japanese RPG Project

We did not give up on the Project to create a RPG with a focus on learning Japanese. Unfortunately, we didn't find any support team, nor did we organize people to help create daily content for the site. We hope that with the VIP area, people decide to collaborate with more articles, so we have more time to dedicate to this project.

The artigo is still half finished, but we recommend opening it to read the following later:

Projects for suki desu - 2017New series of articles

In 2017 we are bringing a new series of articles and making many changes to old articles, fixing and adding different contents. We even want to take various content from the site to videos on YouTube. Here are some new types of articles:

  • Summary, what happens in a certain anime, manga, drama and film;
  • Lyrics, translations and different versions;
  • Additional content to videos and topics covered on YouTube;
  • Quizzes and Tests for learning Japanese;
  • And much more;

This will only be possible if you help and collaborate with articles for the site, raise questions in the forum and enjoy everything I am preparing for you. Thank you very much to everyone who shares and comments on all of our articles, it helps a lot! We are running after partnerships, sponsorships and several other options to bring as much content to you! I hope to be in Japan again soon and this time I will be able to gather 10x more images, footage and information to share with all of you!

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