Bad Words, insults, slang and swearing in Korean


In this article we will share a complete list of insults, slang and swearing in Korean. Most people who appreciate Japanese culture also appreciate Korean culture, mainly because of K-pop, doramas and fashion.

I have no idea what goes on in people’s minds, but apparently korean swearing is one of the most sought after things related to language. It seems that the first thing anyone wants to learn by studying a language is to speak slang and swearing.

Unfortunately I have no knowledge in Korean to explain in detail the use of each slang and swearing in Korean. If any gift wants to add something through the comments, we are grateful.

I’m totally against swearing and swear words in Korean, but I think it’s good that everyone knows if you study the language, so avoid being insulted. I hope you use that list wisely! We recommend searching using your bro[CTRL + F]wser location.

List of korean swearing and swearing

Byeonshin병신asshole, idiot, retard
Byeontae변태perverted, perverted
Colle걸레bitch, piranha
Dolda돌다crazy, crazy, lunatic
Dolgegari돌대가리retarded, tapir
gae-sae-kki개새끼son of a bitch
Gguh-juh꺼져get out, leave me alone
Gul-leh-gat-eun-nyun걸레 같은 년Bitch, piranha
I noma이 놈아asshole, bastard
Jaji자지Dick, penis
jen-jang젠장Shit, damn it
Jiral지랄 ou ㅈㄹShit
Joetna존나/좆나fuck, dick
Michin nom미친놈crazy, crazy
Nappeun nom나쁜 놈bastard, bad character
Nappeun nyeon나쁜 년bitch, bitch, cow
Pakchinda빡친다Too much anger and too many bad words
Saedaegari새대가리bird brain
Shi-bal-nom-a!씨발놈아!Son of a bitch
Shibal씨발fuck you
Ton dongori똥 덩어리piece of shit
Ttorayi또라이Crazy, clueless
Tuejyeo뒈져go to hell, go shit, get you
Tueso됐어Forget about it
Yut-mugguh엿 먹어fuck you

Unfortunately I don’t know many swear words in Korean to share with you, apparently it’s a complicated language, especially in your pronunciation, so we recommend seeing the videos below that can help a little. Korean is also full of variations and diversifications in words, including insults, so there must be many who have not been listed.

Videos of bad words in Korean

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