Is prepaid card a good option to buy imported anime products?

Will it be that for those who cannot have a conventional credit card the prepaid card is a good option to buy on websites of imported anime products?

There are so many sites on the internet that offer the possibility to buy / import anime items, games, consoles and many more that it is difficult to choose one.

However, when we want to buy something, mainly from abroad, a well-known problem arose, we do not have a credit card.

Many national and international websites accept the Brazilian bank slip as a form of payment, however this is not a rule / standard.

Sites like Play Asia still do not accept boleto as a form of payment and therefore if you liked any product there you will have to use another option.

If you don’t know Play Asia yet, see more details on how to create an account and buy on the site:

How to buy your games and anime products on Play Asia

A suggestion that I can recommend is to use a prepaid card, because with it you can buy anywhere in the world, either physically or on Brazilian or foreign websites.

What is a prepaid card?

To make the explanation as simple as possible, just take a prepaid cell phone.

When we want to use it, you need to add credit, because if you don’t have credit, you can’t use it.

With a prepaid card it is the same thing, or anything that is prepaid, if you want to buy something you must FIRST put in credit / cash.


There are also disposable prepaid cards for me that you use only once. For example card that puts credits in certain games.

In short there are several types of prepaid cards among them we have:

  • Food / meal voucher
  • Gifts Cards that only work in specific stores (Gift Card)
  • That add credits to games like Steam prepaid card

But here in the article we will present what is used to make purchases as if it were an international credit card.

How does a prepaid card work?

Its main functions and characteristics make the prepaid card a good option for those who cannot have a conventional card, see the main ones:

  • There is no need to declare a source of income to ask for your
  • If you have a restricted / dirty name you can still request yours (Without consulting SPC and Serasa)
  • As already described you put, for example R$ 20.00 credit and you can buy a product of up to 20 reais in a physical establishment or online store;
  • You spend exactly what you have on your card or in the account to which it is linked;
  • Many prepaid cards also work in the DEBIT or CREDIT function, so it is good to be aware of this detail when purchasing;
  • No prepaid card can PAY purchases we can only buy in cash

Another very important detail is to choose one that is international since in Brazil we have the option of national and international.

Is prepaid card secure?

With this differential of spending only the amount you have on balance it is possible to avoid many headaches, as it will be extremely difficult to go through the same security problems as a conventional credit card.

Another feature is that many are linked to an online account where you can manage just about everything there, from putting balance, canceling your card, deleting your account and more.

We will then recommend making a short summary of some prepaid card options out of the hundreds that exist.

The ones that I will indicate are easier to purchase, load and also have the most used options for recharging.

Card Access

This card is very popular for selling in retail stores like Extra, Pão de Açúcar and others. You just create an account and then activate the card on the website to start shopping.

It is also possible to order everything through the website where the card, virtual or physical, can be personalized with your name.

You can usually find it in these retail stores in a package like the image below:

Acessocard prepaid card

The Acessocard card may be a good alternative for you, see some of its features:

  • Can be acquired from 6 years of age, just have a CPF with regular status
  • Refillable with bank slip
  • In addition to being able to buy in stores like Extra, Pão de Açúcar and others it is possible to place credits / money in these places;
  • It is an INTERNATIONAL prepaid credit card under the Mastercard banner
  • R$ 5.00 monthly is charged on the 1st of the month

Paypal Card

This unfortunately does not have the physical version, that is, we can only request a prepaid virtual card.

However in sites like Play Asia and many others the option to pay by Paypal is accepted, if this payment option is accepted, then we can buy with this virtual card.

Some of the main features of the paypal card are:

  • When you create your card by making the first top-up, it will be linked to your Paypal account automatically
  • You choose how much you want to put in dollars on your card (from 15 dollars)
  • It is possible to see how much you will pay in fees in Brazilian reais
  • No annual fee

Paypal also offers the possibility for you to add Brazilian currency balance with a bank slip, but even if the Play Asia show in reais it charges in dollars.

How to buy?

There is not much secret to using a prepaid card it is practically the same as a conventional credit card and one of the main differences is that you cannot split purchases.

We already have here on the blog two articles on how to buy your manga, anime and related products:

Where to buy a complete collection of manga and novels?

How to buy on Play Asia

With them you can learn how to purchase your favorite anime products and even if you don't have a card, use one of the suggested prepaid card options.

It is very simple, if you choose to pay with Paypal you can use their card that has a balance in dollars or if it is the Access card you can recharge at one of the hundreds of retail stores.

I will leave again the video that was made about Asia, but don't forget to read the article for more tips.

Can I be taxed at customs?

If you decided to buy mangas, magazines or something similar you will not be taxed (As is also said in the video above) according to the Federal Constitution in art. 150, VI, “d”.

But if you want to buy one Nintendo Classic Mini Super Famicom the chances of being taxed will be higher. Follow the tips in the video to have a better chance of avoiding this problem.

Is it worth it to have a prepaid card?

If you want to make your shopping easier by spending only the balance / money you have, prepaid cards can be an excellent alternative.

Another advantage with respect to conventional cards is the possibility to buy anywhere on the planet, since the vast majority are enabled for international purchases.

With dozens of options for Brazilians you will surely find one that you like.

These were the tips that I hope will help you buy anywhere in the world even if you don't have an international credit card.

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