Pokémon Go was a failure?


Pokémon Go was one of the most anticipated titles in 2016, being inspired by the work of “Pokémon”, created by Satoshi Tajiri in 1995 and which belongs to The Pokémon Company, having its games produced through Nitendo and Game Freak.

Pokémon is a popular series around the world, being disseminated through anime, manga and its origin, the Games.

The story revolves around a Pokémon master, whose goal is to hunt Pokémon and become a great Pokémon Master by conquering the gyms available within the game. The anime and manga follows the same theme, but with greater dramatic loads.

There is no point in commenting all over again on Pokémon Go, since we already have an article on, read by clicking on here.


First of all, it is worth mentioning that many players only played Pokémon Go because it is a popular game, so don't be offended by something that may have been said in this article.

Player Disinterest

The Game has become popular on several levels since its launch, July 6, 2016.

The game is a great innovator in the industry, using an augmented reality system, all using the GPS feature of your own cell phone! The game was being developed since 2013, made by Niantic in partnership with Nitendo.

Basically, it is necessary to get your cell phone, and with the help of the GPS inside the game, you go out looking for the Pokémon that appear on the Game map, after finding a Pokémon, you must use your Poké Ball and capture the Pokémon.

The purpose of the game is also to encourage the most sedentary young people to leave their homes and exercise while doing something fun. Another proposal presented is to explore the pokemon world and the game also takes you to many different places, if you are going to play looking for these pokémons.


It is a great game, but unfortunately there are flaws and circumstances for the great disinterest of the players, even some more knowledgeable fans of the series. But as always, any problem is minor if you are a fan or a player who likes new challenges!

Time-consuming updates:

The game is constantly updated, but only for bug fixes, feature implementation and events for players. But what everyone really wants is new 'Pokémon Generations'! Each Pokémon generation features new Pokémon, evolutions and even Mega Evolutions.

And several players managed to gather all the Pokémon of the first Generation, for them, waiting for new Pokémon is difficult. And currently with 7 generations, being released one by one, Pokémon Go will have a long way to go. And that waiting is something that not everyone likes.


This is not only in Brazil, but in several countries, players were frantically robbed. This insecurity prevents many players from leaving the comfort of their homes to look for Pokémon. And this, while not a problem for Nintendo and Niantic, is damaging to players, which also affects corporate profits.

No new generation will take that discomfort from being stolen, and even killed!


Pokestops are like Pokémon centers for players. There you can pick up pokeballs, eggs and several other items, as well as points to level up. It is also possible for players to become owners of Pokestops through disputes with opposing teams.


A big problem for us Brazilians is the lack of Pokéstops! Neighborhoods outside large cities or centers are hampered by this lack. Countries like Japan and the USA have thousands of Pokéstops in a single neighborhood or city. And that is something that the producers are not interested in changing in Pokémon Go.

Big profits only in 2016:

Pokémon Go generated almost US$1 Billion only between the 6 months of its launch until the end of 2017. Specifically it was about US$950 Million. The research was done by Annie app, a company specialized in the mobile market.

In the survey, App Annie also explains that Pokémon GO surpassed the US$ mark 800 million faster than any other mobile game, which is available for iOS and Android. It arrived at this number in 110 days, this was 2.3x faster than candy Crush Saga, 3.5x faster than Puzzles & Dragons and 4.5x faster than Clash of clans.

With that, we came to the conclusion that it was both a success and a failure, which can be changed with effort from the producers. But what about you, what do you think of Pokémon Go?

Source: omelet.