Kevin's 5 Tips for Learning Japanese

In this article I would like to share 5 little tips that IKevin! I have applied to help my Japanese language learning.

1 - Write articles

Everyone knows that writing texts in Japanese can help you learn writing, but if you don't already have grammar knowledge, it will only delay you in learning it. So I say that you better write about what you are studying, for example a text about the “が” particle, you will have to gather content to be able to write your own text from scratch.

To increase my knowledge of the language, I make use of this website of mine, writing the articles I also increase my knowledge, because it requires me to do a lot of research in various websites, dictionaries and books.

Remember school days? where we were forced to write texts huge on some subject? Or to answer questions, do we have to rewrite them in the notebook? As silly as this sounds, we helped a little. After I started writing on this site, both my Portuguese (my portuguese will be a disaster) as my  Japanese improved. I'm not talking about opening a website, this is quite tiring. But you can start writing texts about the subjects you want to learn in word, or even in a personal blog, and also if you want to send it to our website by email, we can review and publish on your behalf.

The fact is that if you want to learn, don't just read the workbook, try creating your own workbook using and reading various content sources. Why do we do work at school where we have to write about a certain subject? To help our learning! Then do the same. Don't just copy texts in Japanese, copy texts in English that teach grammar in Japanese, so you can train your mind and delve into the subject. Writing and reading are less important if you don't learn grammar and vocabulary.

2 - Music

Really when we listened to Japanese songs, we quickly recorded the lyrics, and we were able to sing. If you are familiar with hiragana, you may have noticed that it is much easier to sing a song in karaoke than reading a text. That's because we use another part of the brain when we're singing.

Singing helped me to increase my vocabulary, practice reading, learn kanji, and it was extremely fun. So if you're not used to it, I strongly recommend singing karaoke in Japanese every day. (sometimes we post on our Facebook, videos in karaoke with vocal on).


3 - Don't procrastinate

This is one of the biggest difficulties that I and many people face. Procrastination is the act of putting things off, sometimes we aim to study a little Japanese every day, but we end up stalling and not studying. It's very easy for you to put off your goals, especially if you're going to study alone, and do a lot of things during the day.

To prevent this from happening, we must set goals, schedules, and agree with other people and do it in a group. We feel more responsible if other people are involved. This is not just for Japanese but for all matters in life.

It won't be an easy fight, this is a subject that should be written in a separate article, which I can write in the future, but I strongly recommend researching more on this subject, to avoid the act of procrastinating.

The artigo is still half finished, but we recommend opening it to read the following later:

4 - Don't stand still

If you are determined to learn 日本語 then start taking action, the internet is full of content, pages and groups on Facebook, people interested in studying in groups, sites like ours, and closed courses like the Japanese Online Program.

The important thing is to dedicate the most of your time to studying, as I am dedicating mine, to the Japanese culture and language. And don't think about achieving this goal alone, find a group to study. Be open-minded, don't grumble or criticize, just study and help others study, and don't waste time! do not stop!

It may seem like a cliché tip, but have you really stopped to think: Am I staying in the same place for a long time? It's really not easy to study alone, and it takes dedication and following an effective methodology.


5 - Other tips

There are many other tips that I would like to say, and that you can follow, but most of these tips I have already written in the article. 50 tips for learning Japanese, which you can read by clicking here.

I also wrote an article explaining about the doubt of some. Is it possible to learn Japanese by watching anime? 

Japanese Online Program

During this week a series of free videos is being released explaining the true way and step by step to learn Japanese effectively. Here you will find many tips for learning the language. This series of videos will only be available for this week, so share it with friends so that as many people as possible can get to know it. To access the videos click here. 

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