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What Does Oppa Mean in Korean?

Ever heard of the Korean expression “oppa”? In this article we will understand in depth the real meaning of this word popularized thanks

8 types of people we meet on trains in japan

Japan's railway companies

In Japan, one of the main ways of transporting people is the railways, especially when mass travel is made.

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Top 10 Mystery Animes

Thriller is unquestionably one of the most popular genres among anime fans. Finally, it is possible to encounter

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Hypotheses for Japanese thinness

The number of obese people in Japan is very low compared to other countries, especially when compared to the United States of America.

- who is yuki tsunoda?

Who is Yuki Tsunoda?

For those who follow Formula 1 closely, it is easy to see that the number of Asians on the Grid has always been very