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Have you watched Overlord? If so, you will understand the references and light spoilers that I will reveal here. If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend it, this is one of the best anime in my opinion. But to pique the interest, I will talk a little about it before I start the serious part. This article is also full of material like Light Novel, Manga and curiosities. We will also talk about the possibility of a new season.

Depending on the situation Overlord, we will update this article in the future with more curiosities, spoilers and tips. First let's see some information and curiosities about the anime and original work of Overlord. We even generate a menu to facilitate your navigation in the post:

Synopsis and history of Overlord

The final hour of the popular Virtual Reality Game Yggdrasil has arrived. However, Momonga, a powerful mage and master of the dark guild Ainz Ooal Gown, decides to spend his last moments in the game as the servers begin to shut down. Much to his surprise, despite the clock striking midnight, Momonga is still fully aware of his character, and on top of that, the non-player characters seem to have developed personalities of their own!

Faced with this abnormal situation, Momonga orders his loyal servants to help him investigate and take control of this new world, with the hope of finding out what caused this development and whether there may be others in the same situation. “

Details of the work: - Overlord was based on a Light Novel written by Kugane Maruyama since 2012. The anime's first season aired on July 7, 2015 and a manga was published in 2014.

Comments on Overlord

Basically like the typical genre in which the protagonist, with or without an apparent reason, is sent to another world. In this case the world to which momonga (main character, who later takes the name of the guild as his) goes, is totally unknown, but there are several things that came with him to this world, as is the case with the guild's NPCs. After several events, such as saving a village, collecting information, mentally controlled NPC and turning against the master, dominating the village by force, disguising yourself as an adventurer to gather information and becoming famous, among many others, for sure this anime is worth the rating it has.

This anime has its clichés, as an overpower protagonist, transported to another world, and very lucky indeed. However, it also has its cliché breaks, as is the case with the good protagonist, in that case the protagonist is extremely calculating and thinks only about what is good for him and his guild, and does not mind killing tens of thousands of people to that (who read the light novel, will understand what I'm talking about). Outside it is one of the few horror and comedy anime together. That's right, guts, blood, rolling heads, crushed hearts, all with some comedy, which in my opinion is the master's touch.

Just to finish this part, in this anime most of the characters are semi-human or humanoids, what does that mean? The protagonist is a skeleton wizard of the highest class (Overlord), who has a humanoid demon, a succubus as his advisers, a vampire, two black elves, an angel fetus, and a type of humanoid warrior ant insect to complete his team. of powerful subordinates of high rank, out of all the other dozens or hundreds of stocks of this type spread over a type of gigantic construction that is buried in the ground so as not to attract attention, which is known and named after the Great Tomb of Nazarick. Anyway you will only understand if you watch the anime or read the light novel

New season or continuation of Overlord

Will there be a continuation of the Overlord anime? Most want to know if this is going to happen! to know this, we have to inspect the profit and popularity that Overlord had in the country of the rising sun. Suki Desu did an internet search for the continuation of the anime series Overlord and look what we got on that:

The possibilities for a New season or continuation of the Overlord anime are:

Very high, the anime has already won 3 seasons quickly without long breaks, its success is gigantic and sold more than 10,000 units in its first season, a very high number. Anime that exceed 5000 units easily achieve a second season. Your grade on BAD it is also greater than 8.0.

Read the original Overlord anime work

Below you can buy Light Novel or Overlord's physical manga:

Spoilers from the third season of Overlord

Ps: the images below are merely illustrative and do not represent spoilers or recent events of the work.

Fortunately after more than 2 years of waiting and anguish, Overlord came back with everything, so Season 2 was launched in early 2018, in the January season, and the third is being released after a break. At the time of writing this article, the anime is in its second episode. And the plot is developing to move towards the most magnificent arc of the light novel.

As many know, since the first season Gazef Stronoff, warrior captain of the kingdom E-rantel has nurtured a solemn admiration that is pure for our great ainz ooal gown (or for intimate Ainz-sama), this man is nothing less than the greatest warrior of the whole kingdom (object of admiration of Brain Unglaus, character that was presented in the first season of the anime and developed a little more in the second, and will participate in the third.

He competed with Gazef for the current position, but narrowly lost). I think the fact that he will challenge Ainz-sama to a duel everyone knows, but the reason behind it, not even in the light novel, was explicitly revealed.

All I can say is that this duel will mark a new era in this world.

But let's go in parts, before that we need to know the previous events. Currently the anime is showing a parallel story, this story is to show us how Ainz-sama's name, image, and existence itself is marked in the hearts and souls of the people with whom he interacts. Yes, the novel is keen to show again and again his natural talent to be a leader, and especially to get admirers and subjects who are strongly loyal, to the point of killing and dying by the name of Ainz Ooal Gown. But not only that, after the first part of the story ends, we will return with the main story and its current plot, which is the plan to dominate the world, starting by showing themselves to the world.

It is at this point that the novel shows us the Bahamuth Empire, that country is the land of the great Emperor Jircniv, the one who appeared at the last minute of the last episode of the second season lying on a kind of royal sofa along with an old man with an extremely long beard, such an old man that will be a fundamental part of Ainz-sama's plans.

Such a man is called Fluder Paradyne, this man's existence is as powerful and influential in the world as Gazef Stronoff's. It may seem insignificant in comparison to Ainz-sama, but these two are people who, as the author likes to put “stepped into the domain of heroes”, if it is to compare Ainz it would be more or less an existence that “is in a sovereign environment to the domain from Gods".

Spoiler coming…

Ainz uses Fluder, I forgot to mention that despite being loyal to Emperor Jircniv, Fluder is obsessed with "discovering the depths of magic" with this he is the most powerful wizard in this world. This was clear before Ainz came. That's why Fluder surrenders and literally kisses Ainz's feet after he visits. With Fluder influencing on the inside, just call attention on the outside.

For this, Ainz plots an excursion to the Tomb of Nazarick to be invaded. This we can see in the opening of the third season, if you pay attention you will see a team of people glued back to back, I think we see a big guy in armor, a blond guy, a woman with pointed ears and a little girl with a typical staff of magicians.

This invasion, will be the reason for Ainz to find satisfaction with the Empire, and thus force them to redeem themselves for their mistakes. Such a ruse is entirely in luck and even Ainz himself did not know what was going on. As we already know, Ainz has Demiurgos, its strategist. But I cannot take credit for Ainz. For the deeds that he accomplished even without knowing, were decisive for the good fluency of the plans.

What does that mean? I'm gonna explain.

The black elves were sent to the empire as messengers to inquire about Jircniv, or rather, subjects of the empire had tried to invade and steal the great Tomb of Nazarick. With that Jircniv says he will go to the Tomb to apologize personally. We see this part also in the opening.

The blood emperor, as Jircniv is known, in a chariot. After arriving at the destination. He is hit by a severe blow, knowing that he is nothing more than a worm compared to Ainz-sama's domain. Of course, it's not like someone saying this directly to him. It's Ainz's actions and his own domain that has this aura, the aura of a home for gods.

Thanks to some measures, Jircniv does not even think about procrastinating towards Ainz. On the contrary, before Ainz-sama asked for something Jircniv had already offered full support. That was the size of the blow he took, just by entering the house, seeing some Tomb dwellers and talking to Ainz himself.

I can't describe all the details, but I think you'll understand when you see in the anime what I'm talking about. Ainz-sama asked for help only to make public the existence of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. For that, the empire would have to provide diplomatic and military support. Since with this revelation, Ainz also wanted to claim some land around the Tomb.

These lands belonged to the E-RANTEL kingdom.

Since the kingdom and the empire have been public enemies for a long time, an announcement by someone called Ainz Ooal Gown wanting to claim a part of their land would be useless, that is, if diplomacy doesn't work, we resorted to force, and that's what happened, after that the announcement was made officially, the empire would definitely be going to war against the kingdom in order to found a new nation. The Sorecerer Kingdom, whose king was called Wizard King Ainz Ooal Gown.

In this war Ainz-sama uses a magic that in the initial effect alone, kills 75 thousand soldiers of the kingdom, and as an additional effect horrendous monsters in the form of goats with 5 feet and a height of more than 3 meters were summoned, which gave them the power to shake the ground every time he took a step, which swept the army, killing more than 150 thousand soldiers. Not that it was necessary, but the fact that the kingdom did not meet the demand to give up the land, was a reason for Ainz to consider the kingdom as his enemy.

Amid the chaos ...

In the midst of chaos, Gazef finds himself with his armor and equipment that gives them the strength that all mortals would never achieve. He is bewildered in the confusion just hearing screams and sounds of meat being mashed. But something catches his attention, an existence known to him, is mounted on one of these aberrations, not mounted as if it were on a horse, but on a type of throne made with large prominences similar to octopus tentacles that come out of the body. of these things.

There, imposing and at the same time carefree, is Ainz, who seemed to be enjoying some spectacle. After a respectful greeting, Ainz asks Gazef to become his subject, however Gazef refuses, and as a witness, Brain Unglaus and Climb (a character who was introduced in the second season, a loyal servant of the third princess of the kingdom, a professional friend of Gazef, and Brain's training partner), Gazef challenges Ainz Ooal Gown to a duel.

That is all. Unfortunately I am not going to tell you what resulted from this duel, but I can say that the sword wielded by Gazef, was said by Ainz himself who would be able to kill him. Anyway, this duel is epic and its consequences are even more. I think spoilers are double-edged, it can be interesting and it can be frustrating. It depends on the way it happens.

Overlord anime videos

For now, thanks for reading this far. And stay connected to the site because we always have new content. And leave it in the comments if you've read the light novel. He also comments on his expectations for the anime and also the light novel. Thank you, my dear reader, for reading this article. Finally, we will leave some random overlord videos below: 

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