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Today I'm here to talk about a new course that sensei Luiz Rafael is opening the Japanese Express. A course focused on learning fast Japanese for tourists or other purposes that needs the basics in no time.

For those who don't know, Luiz Rafael is a great partner for Suki Desu. He is the creator of the Japanese Online Program and the Japanese Lessons website. He also shares several free videos and content and also offers a professional video course teaching you step by step how to learn Japanese properly.

Click here to know the Japanese Express

Japanese Express

This new Japanese Express course is different, it doesn’t focus on writing, its focus is on learning to converse basic Japanese in 6 weeks. All this for those who want to travel or go to work and the time to learn is very short. This course is geared towards people who:

  • They are with scheduled trip or intend to go to Japan soon;
  • Has difficulty learning Japanese and they need a method that makes it easy to get started;
  • Possui Japanese friends or relatives and would like to start communicating with them;
  • Has the interest in understanding the basics of the Japanese language;

So the Japanese Express can be a good start for those who want to get deeper into the Japanese language or know Luiz's methodology. In the future she will be able to migrate to the Japanese Online Program.

In brief the course will introduce you to the language, teach Japanese sounds, affirmations and negations, questions, vocabulary, particles, sentences, how to get around and more.

What is the course content? What are the advantages? How much? All this information will be revealed on November 14th and Suki Desu will be alert to give full support and notify you subscribers by email, facebook page and website itself. To know more details and register for the course, you can access this link:

Click here to know the Japanese Express

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