What does weeaboo mean? Don’t be a weeaboo!


Do you know what the word weeaboo means? Are you a weeaboo? What do the Japanese think about these people? In this article we will thoroughly analyze the meaning of this word.

Weeaboo also known as wapanese is a derogatory and pejorative slang that defines people who are not Japanese but behaves like a Japanese, demonstrating his preferences and passion for Japan from an exaggerated. In short, it’s a dick payer from Japan.

These people prefer all things from Japan rather than their own culture. This person can be an otaku addicted to animeand mangoes, a hikikomori who only lives indoors because he has no interest in anything but Japan.

What does weeaboo mean? Don't be a weeaboo!

Origin of the word Weeaboo

In the 18th century a similar term called Japanophile appeared. This term refers to the appreciation and love for Japanese culture, people or stories of Japan. In Japanese this term is known as “Shinnichi” (新日), this term was created after Japan exported its works in the 18th century and attracted the interest of thousands of foreigners, but that word is not pejorative.

The term Wapanese emerged around 2000, and became popular in 2003 because of the images posted on 4chan. In 2005 Nicholas Gurewitch invented the term Weeaboo and the 4chan site began to make use of this term. The origin of Weeaboo has no meaning, just replaced the use of the word Wapanese.

What does weeaboo mean? Don't be a weeaboo!

How to identify a weeaboo?

It’s not wrong to appreciate Japanese culture, learn the language or like animes and manga. Unfortunately a weeaboo does it in an exaggerated way. Weeaboo are known to act the way we’re going to quote below, but don’t think anyone who does that is a weeaboo.

Speak Japanese words – A weeaboo speaks random Japanese words in the presence of people who do not speak Japanese. Words like kawaii, sugoi, baka and etc. They also usually use Japanese suffixes in the names of people, even though they are not in Japan.

Just want things from Japan – A weeaboo just of preference to Japanese cuisine, movies, doramas and Japanese animations. They also prefer products manufactured in Japan, or use certain product, app, clothing and website because it is popular in Japan.

You think Japan is better – For them Japan is the best country, the safest, the most beautiful, for them everything revolves around Japan. They can’t see the downside of the country, ignore it and get angry when Japan receives criticism.

What does weeaboo mean? Don't be a weeaboo!

What do the Japanese think of the weeaboo?

If you love and enjoy Japanese culture, congratulations! It has no problem liking Japanese culture and sharing it with others. But do it in moderation, and despite the difficulties, do not underestimate your home country.

The “You knew anime” page, captioned a video showing the Japanese’ opinion about the weeabos. In the video we see that most Japanese do not know this term, and they are happy for interest in Japanese culture. Let’s finish the article with the video below. What’s your opinion on this subject? We thank you for your comments and shares.

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