Understand! Nintendo Switch is not a secondary console!


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After much criticism and questioning, Nintendo launched its hybrid console that broke several sales records in the console world in its first year of release. Only 9 months were enough to prove that Nintendo knows what it is doing with a powerful monthly line up, thus shutting up the haters.

Of course, we cannot demand too much from a small console that has at most 60% of the power of a XONE. With its proposal to play wherever you want and in different ways, the console was able to attract people who abandoned Nintendo for decades and also smart gamers from PS4, XONE and PC.

Everyone knows that the switch does not compete directly with the robust consoles focused on delivering 60fps and 1080p, which are getting closer and closer to 4k. Of course, this makes absolutely no difference, as more than half of console consumers have no idea or care about hardware or the resolution of the console.

Entenda! Nintendo switch não é um console secundário!

Most console consumers simply buy a console with a particular game in mind. Most of them buy only to play GTA, FIFA, PES, COD, BF, AC and other multiplatform games that sell in bulk. Unfortunately, few gamers enjoy a wide variety of exclusive, indie or unknown games.

You define which console is your primary, but you cannot define the secondary and primary console of others!

Why do people buy the Nintendo Switch?

In the minds of Neanderthals, the switch has almost no benefit. Is it because of frames and lack of power? Why not get realistic AAA games? I believe that in the minds of these people, even if they receive the games that they question so much, they would still hate the console. Hater is not even a person, it is something to be studied.

One of the popular arguments of these patients is that the switch serves only as secondary console. I have to agree a little with this, I have 2 consoles myself, and in practice some games are much better to get on PS4 or XONE than on Switch. Most people bought the Switch thinking about its exclusives, indies and games that are worth carrying anywhere.

Entenda! Nintendo switch não é um console secundário!

Even those who buy the switch thinking of becoming a secondary console, end up playing more time on it than on desktop consoles. This is very common among those who bought to take advantage of its portability. Many are surprised by the console and the fun it provides, so much so that many comment on it.

What defines a primary and secondary console

I think it's such a big nonsense of the main and secondary console. Every year games are released for all consoles, we buy and play on them. The amount of games you have on a console does not define whether it is primary or secondary. I believe that the best way to know this is through playing time on each console.

If you play online multiplayer every day on a certain console, you are sure to become the main console. Everything will depend on the type of gamer you are, we cannot define whether a console is meant to be secondary or primary by the amount of sales or games it has received, since a large number of casual players buy for just one game.

Entenda! Nintendo switch não é um console secundário!

If you are like me and play a lot of indie and unknown games, you will find that the Switch is a console that provides many more hours of gaming because of the portable mode that perfectly matches with indie games.

Unfortunately, the Brazilian mentality has never looked like portable consoles, so it is not easy to make Brazilians accept that a console that does not receive some games becomes the main choice of certain consumers. I really want to understand why some cannot accept this and keep hitting that same key.

The choice of each consumer is personal, many gamers today are not able to stay playing at home so the switch has become the main and perfect option. I can't understand why Brazilian devils like to diminish the success and choices of others. Maybe that's why Brazil is going to the hole more and more.

Entenda! Nintendo switch não é um console secundário!

People may not like the same games as you, nor do they usually compare quantities.

Why the Switch is my main console

There are many factors that make the Nintendo Switch the primary choice for some. I personally chose Nintendo Switch as my primary platform because I:

  • I like Nintendo exclusives;
  • I like Indies games;
  • I like to play local multiplayer;
  • I like games that use Motion Control;
  • I like to play FPS with gyroscope;
  • I like to play in the bathroom and lying down;
  • Check that the battery lasts 40 hours? Oloko!
  • Joy-cons that I never had to carry;
  • Games I have never played in portable mode;

It is obvious that for those who do not like Nintendo exclusives or have already had the WII U the switch is not yet a stuffed dish. But my current experience is that of the 30 games I have on the console, only 2 are exclusive to Nintendo. I'm enjoying the console a lot while my PS4 is stopped serving only for Overwatch.

Entenda! Nintendo switch não é um console secundário!

I believe that many other consumers of consoles like PS4 and XONE are stuck in the games of the same style and they are not able to give the chance to play nor want the great indies or AA games that PSN and Gold provide every month.

The point is that everything will depend on the type of gamer you are! But personally for me who have a PC and play little, the Nintendo Switch is basically the only console worth investing in! My main choice! My main console! If you still want to have the switch and can't imagine it as your primary, expect your experience and playing time to say so!