Is Nintendo losing its luster?

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Since the N64 Nintendo has faced numerous problems and difficulties, some say that it is not as it was before. We last years Nintendo has not been a favorite of Americans, and has been the target of criticism from countless haters fanboys of graphics. It is a fact that the new WII U console has not attracted the expected audience, nor has it received help from third-party developers to launch games of this generation on their console. But is Nintendo really losing its shine?

In 2015 we had some negative announcements, the death of President Satoru Iwata, Nintendo's departure from the list of the 100 largest brands in the world, the false hopes of a Metroid for WII U, and the postponement of many games.

But is Nintendo really going bankrupt? On the contrary, it is following its traditionalist path, and is advancing. Let's understand why some argue that Nintendo is losing its brilliance and why they are wrong.


Haters and Fanboys

The only excuse people have for the console WII U to be a failure, is the fact that his hardware is inferior to Xbox one it's the PS4. This ends up resulting in the lack of some games that are only available on competitors. But does inferior hardware result in failure?

Just like Apple and its IPhones wins the hearts of many, with inferior hardware to competitors, the WII U wins the hearts of thousands. Hardware is really no excuse for a console to fail. Most of you who are reading this article can have a computer with 4g or less of RAM, while there are computers with 16GB of Core I7 RAM, why don't you have one of these? You can be happy with your current computer, can't you? Does he let you down?

The Nintendo console manages to serve fans very well, with games running at 1080p and 64fps with up to 8 players on the screen, like Super Smash Bros. Anyone who thinks that WII U does not have games, just compare the game library, and note that WII U has more new games released than its competitors, since they are only interested in creating remastered games.


No matter what you think, Nintendo is the best game developer in the world, Sony and Microsoft don't make games, they made their consoles and third-party developers make their games, some exclusive, others the company decides to do as Halo, but Nintendo is the only company that values ​​its games.

Really, if you are a gamer who cares about graphics, wants to see violent games, the Nintendo console is not yet for you. But never say that she is going bankrupt, or that the console was a failure. It did not yield what was expected, the technology is advancing too fast, we can see it in computers and cell phones, as soon as Nintendo appears with its new console, and it turns out to have Hardware at the height of the PS4 and XOne or this little quarrel of consoles will reverse.

Many PS4 and XOne users are former Nintendo fans, and just don't have a console for it, because it hasn't met their expectations. Whoever wants to enjoy the games of this generation and Nintendo games, must have 2 consoles. But we believe that Nintendo will turn the corner with its new console and the third-parties will give full support and put an end to these mimimis.


But has it lost its luster?

Of course, if you want to compare the financial from Sony and Microsoft that do not work only consoles, it will be a huge beating. But it is impossible that Nintendo is losing its shine. A proof of this is its 3DS console has dominated the world, leaving even table consoles behind, that even with the advancement of Smartphone games the 3DS continues to dominate sales. His remake game Zelda Majora's Mask dominated the sales rankings for months with an absurd difference, that in everyone. Not to mention Mario kart 8, Super Smash Bros and Splatoon.

The Nintendo company is experiencing difficulties, this is normal. Microsoft with Windows phone still struggles to compete with Android, Sony has also taken a loss in the smartphone market. So it is normal that Nintendo is taking a little loss due to the lack of hardware in the WII U. But Nintendo is also turning things around.

Nintendo is also changing its policy, opening doors for developers to create games for mobile phones, movies and series, as well as making a profit from amiibo, selling more than 7 million amiibo USA only. Is Nintendo really losing its shine?

Sales of WII U are tied to sales of XOne. That's because I personally prefer the XOne over a PS4. We see the absurd difference in sales between 3DS and PSVita, and are there still people who think Nintendo is going bankrupt? kkkkkkkkkkk

Hardware sales

Nintendo didn't really make the expected profit, but it's running behind. Without the help of third-party developers we only have a casual console, and even then it manages to turn around and reach XOne. What would become of other consoles without third-party developers?

Know that not even the SEGA broke, she dominates the Arcades in Japan. Just like the SEGA Nintendo is focusing on another level. The company's laptops have dominated for more than decades. If Nintendo doesn't have what you're interested in, then be quiet instead of complaining.

Even though Nintendo WII U has not attracted the expected audience because of its hardware and lack of support from developers. Even with these difficulties, Nintendo still shines, and attracts its audience! Why would she care about this hater clowning? Nintendo made a name for itself with the casual market, the WII  became the best-selling console of the past generation. Now Nintendo is making changes to reach the other audience, it is worth waiting to see the next console. Let it be the Nintendo NX!

Update! Now that you released the Switch?

Now that the Switch is out, Nintendo hasn't lost its shine! It has become the sun itself!

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