My top 10 favorite anime - Best anime of all time

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Hi, this is Kevin from Suki Desu and in this article I want to talk about my 10 favorite animes. for this I prepared 2 options, a video for those who don't like to read and a complete and detailed article.

First I would like to warn you that I do not want to place or rank best anime Except that the first ones that appear have a higher value than the last ones on the list, but I find it impossible to decide a position of first and second place, since they are different genres.

Also remembering that this article is my opinion, you can be sure that I will list a lot of unknown anime in this list and some honorable mentions. I hope you like it and also leave your list in the comments.


In addition to the list, I also made a video on my channel. I'm better at writing than talking, but I worked hard and took days to do this simple editing, so I hope you like it:

My first five favorite anime

The anime below are the ones that I have the most difficulty choosing a position for them.

Meu top 10 animes favoritos – melhores animes de todos os tempos


Steins; Gate - The best time travel anime

Steins; Gate - This anime is based on a Visual Novel by Nitroplus and 5bps and was released its first season in 2011 by the studio WhiteFox. The first 11 episodes are slow and can be boring for some, but I don't know any human being who has finished this anime and has not placed it among his top 10.

For me Steins; Gate is the best anime of drama, comedy, suspense, action, romance, psychological and time travel that exists on every face of the earth. He manages to surprise beyond what you expect, even with his film and new season that tells an alternative timeline as good as the first.

The synopsis seems simple, since I don't want to tell spoilers. It is a group of friends where the protagonist is a little crazy and finds a way to travel through time. Trust me! Watch and survive until episode 12! You will not regret!


Meu top 10 animes favoritos – melhores animes de todos os tempos

Uchuu Kyoudai - Space Brothers - Brothers in Space

We already talked about him here on the site, one of the best anime that nobody knows. Uchuu Kyoudai is a manga written by Chūya Koyama and won the anime by the A1 Picture studio in 2012 with 99 episodes.

Without a doubt Uchuu Kyodai is one of the best slice of lice with suspense, comedy and action that I have watched in my entire life. Watching this anime is comforting and the desire to watch the next episode, which was a tough thing since only one fansub subtitled, and still rolled for it.


This anime is aimed at the audience Seinen (young-adult) and tells the story of 2 brothers with dreams of being an astronaut. Despite being a simple synopsis the anime surprises and entered my list of favorite anime!

I strongly recommend you to give this masterpiece a try! His success in Japan was so great that every week he competed for the top in the Japanese ranking, he even received a quality Live Action.

Meu top 10 animes favoritos – melhores animes de todos os tempos

Hunter x Hunter - My favorite shonen

Hunter x Hunter is a very popular masterpiece, it doesn't have much to add. Only Hunter x Hunter was one of the few cool shounen anime that attracted me, since I was never interested in Naruto, Bleach and One Piece.

This work was written by Yoshihiro Togashi since 1998 and is still being released today, despite the huge gaps. He received 2 adaptations for anime, where he shares different opinions, I prefer the new version of MadHouse released in 2011.

The anime tells the story of a young man named Gon who seeks out his father and auditioned to become a Hunter and have several privileges. He joins a group of friends and thousands of different things happen. The anime is very good, especially in the other arches where the story advances in an unimaginable way like most shonen.

Meu top 10 animes favoritos – melhores animes de todos os tempos

Detective Conan - One of the greatest anime of all time

Detective Conan is a classic aired since 1996 and written by mangaka Gosho Aoyama. This Japanese TV phenomenon exceeds 800 episodes and 20 films, and manages to be the best investigative and suspense anime by beating American series of the genre.


Despite the children's content and a somewhat repetitive style, every episode is a different case, even though the work has a main story that seems to be one of the biggest conspiracies in the universe. This is one of those anime that even my mother watches, it teaches many things about Japanese culture. Perhaps this work is responsible for making the Japanese so intelligent.

Meu top 10 animes favoritos – melhores animes de todos os tempos

FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Fullmetal was basically the first anime I watched subtitled and followed weekly. I think that most of them already know, since he occupies the first place in the BAD. It had 2 versions of anime, where the most recent and based entirely on the manga is called Brotherhood and was released in 2009. This classic manga has been written by Hiromu Arakawa since 2001.

The anime tells the story of 2 brothers who lost their mother and try to resurrect her by breaking an alchemy taboo. One of them loses his whole body and has his soul trapped in armor and the other loses an arm and a leg. The two try to go after the philosopher's stone to recover their bodies while facing a major conspiracy involving the whole country.

The rest of my top 10 best anime

Meu top 10 animes favoritos – melhores animes de todos os tempos


Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

An original anime released by Sunrise in 2007 involving meka, wars and a psychological thriller. Some question the graphics, the direction and the fact that it has mecha, but this anime is still one of the best I've seen in my life. I marathon the 50 episodes myself in less than 24 hours.

The anime shows the world being dominated by an Empire and a super smart guy trying to destroy that empire using a special ability that he received that allows him to order the person to do something (he needs to look in the eye, and only does it once per person) . The plot is very good and has one of the best anime endings of all time.

Meu top 10 animes favoritos – melhores animes de todos os tempos

Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann

Another anime involving mecha that was released in 2007 based on the manga by Kazuki Nakashima. Although the features of the anime bother most, the anime manages to be impactful and win you over despite all the proposed unreality.

The anime tells the story of 2 friends who live underground but who finally manage to get out of there, but need to face beings who want to send them back underground. It looks like a simple firstfruits, but the anime goes much further, even if the author smokes a little.


Monstro sem nome

Monster - An incredible thriller

Another anime that I took to watch for fear of the graphics and the fact that it is old. Another 74-episode artwork by Madhouse released in 2004 and based on the 1994 Naoki Urasawa manga.

You already know that the anime will be good when you start by quoting an apocalypse text with a sinister song. Despite the name monster, the anime has nothing supernatural. It tells only the story of a doctor who is accused of murdering people, the real killer being a child he saved.

This child becomes a merciless serial killer, so the doctor goes after trying to capture this serial killer and prove his innocence.

Meu top 10 animes favoritos – melhores animes de todos os tempos


Accel World - I think it is much better than SAO

Accel World is from the same creator of Sword Art Online, Reki Kawahara. Based on a Light Novel, the anime was released in 2012 by Sunrise and was not so successful, sacrificing the chances of a new season.

In Accel World we have a futuristic world where people enter a virtual world and with augmented reality in the greatest ease. A failed kid receives an invitation from the most popular girl in high school to register for a mysterious fighting game that lets him use a brain-boosting skill by pausing the time around him.

Still, I believe that the Accel World story with a weak protagonist and a badass girl works better than Kirito's overpowered one. Some criticize the anime exactly because the character is not strong and good, and mainly because he looks like a chibi little fat.

I'm in doubt to choose the 10 anime from the list

There are many anime that I would like to put in the top 10 all the time. So instead of me making an honorable mention, I’m going to put everyone as if it were among my 10 favorite animes. They are:

  • Pray at Imouto Ga Konnani Kawaii wa ke ga nai - I don't know why, but it marked me;
  • Re Life - Best romantic drama;
  • Shokugeki no Souma - Best cuisine;
  • Sidonia no Kishi - What a breeze this is;
  • Boku no Hero Academia - Best Shonen:
  • Kiseijuu - Best Action;
  • Nana - Best female drama;
  • Zero at Tsukaima - Marathon, very good;
  • Aldnoah.Zero - Best OST;
  • Golden Time - Best romantic comedy;

The fact that I mention it better does not mean that I can consider others better. The anime mentioned above were somewhere in my TOP 10 until others appeared that removed them from the list.

I hope you enjoyed this list of mine, and I hope you watch all the anime mentioned in it! We appreciate the shares and hope to see your list of best anime in the comments.