My Playlist of Japanese Songs + Animes

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In this article I want to present my list of favorite Japanese songs. Most are songs that probably passed in some anime or game. I want to talk about all the songs, artistic and share a full ranking that helps you find what to hear.

When it comes to songs I’m kind of different from most people, it’s usually instrumental touches, rhythms and soundtracks that catches my eye on a song and not the singer’s lyrics or voice. One of the main reasons for liking Japanese music so much, where they exaggerate in instrumentals different from repetitive everyday life.

Take any popular Brazilian or international music, you will always have the same instruments and same rhythms. Japanese songs are far from the traditional and use large mixes of rhythms and even classical music instruments.

Table of Contents
- My favorite singers and bands
- My favorite Japanese songs
- Japanese songs from my Playlist- Ranking the Best Japanese Songs 
My Playlist of Japanese Songs + Animes

Favorite Japanese singers, songwriters and bands

I usually don’t usually like just a singer, songwriter or musical group. Usually I like only one or two songs from each random band, because kind of this song was part of crucial moments of my life.

Quickly listing favorite Japanese bands, composers and singers in ranked order. I can’t accurately say my taste, I usually listen to 3 songs at most, but the first ones on the list are usually more songs.

  • Hiroyuki Sawano;
  • Goose House;
  • Yuzu;
  • LiSA;
  • ClariS;
  • MISIA;
  • Mai Kuraki;
  • Hikaru Utada;
  • Rimi Natsukawa;
  • Sayuri;
  • Mika Kobayashi;
  • Mika Nakashima;
  • 7!!;
  • SID;
  • ReoNa;
  • May.J
  • Aimer;
  • ayaka;
  • Pornographic Graffiti;
  • Yui;
  • Yui Horie;
  • Good
  • Yoko Takahashi;
  • CHiCO;
  • Mashiro Ayano;
  • GReeeeN;
  • ASCA;
  • Eir Aoi;
  • Miura Jam;
My Playlist of Japanese Songs + Animes

My favorite Japanese songs

I always find a song and listen to it about 1, 000 times until I get sick. There are songs I can’t get sick and are forever marked as the closures and openings of the 2011 Hunter x Hunter anime, all of which are epic, especially those of Yuzu.

HitoriGoto and Irony from Claris are also in my Playlist for a long time. Da Sayuri listened thousands of times Heikousen and Sore wa Chiisana Hikari no Youna. The closure of Shigatsu Wa Kimi in Use, Orange 7!! it’s another one who creeps.

The music I’ve been listening to most lately is Lisa’s Unlasting, closure of Sword Art Online Alicization 2. Previously I also listened enough Niji in Kanatani and also of the same anime.

2 other very popular songs I love and have always found among the most sung karaoke are Zankoku na Tenshi in evangelion teeze and Sekai wa koi ni ochiteiru from Ao Haru Ride.

In 2018 during my trip to Japan I met two songs I constantly listen to today. It is ai no katachi [アイノカタチ] by MISIA and also the traditional music of Okinawa Shima Uta [島唄] by the voice of Rimi Natsukawa.

Before these songs I love most of the SONGS and TRACKS OST composed by Hiroyuki Sawano, mainly those sung by Mika Kobayashi and Mizuki, mainly those of the animeal x.zero and the game Xenoblade X.

Goose House is another band i liked a lot, does several Covers and has perfect original songs like Oto no Naru Houe de Silver Spoon and Hikaru Nara from Shigatsu wa Kimi in The Use.

Japanese songs from my Playlist

Of course there are many other Japanese songs that are or have been in my playlist for some time and that marked me somehow. I’ll list below some songs that have been left out and i recommend listening strongly.

Remembering that they are not in order of favorites or anything, I just put the ones I found in the apps I use, or the ones that came in my head. There may be more songs I haven’t remembered T.T — Sad…

Name of musicBand/SingerAnime/Media
ALIEzFeat. mizuki mZk Aldnoah.Zero
A little painOlivia LufkinNana
Fantastic FutureTamura YukariHenneko
Oh! Rival!PornoGrafitti Detective Conan
Try AgainMay KurakiDetective Conan
Chikai, New District Hikaru UtadaKingdom Hearts 3
Yuki no HanaMika NakashimaReLife, New Life
Kiss of DeathMika NakashimaDarling in the Franxx
Friendship, New FriendshipOkazaki Ritsuko Sukitte Ii na yo
Again, NewYuiFullmetal Alchemist
Blue BirdKOBUKURO DistrictBakuman
PeriodChemistry, New YorkFullmetal Alchemist
Love Dramatic Masayuki SuzukiKaguya-Sama District
Ref:rainAimerKoi wa Ameagari
NatsuMatsuri DistrictWhiteberry, New,000Traditional
Departure, New DepartureMasatoshi OnoHunter x Hunter
Ichiban no TakaramonoYuiAngel Beats
My Dearest supercellGuilty Crown
unravelTK from LingTokyo Ghoul
Guren no YumiyaLinked HorizonShingeki No Kyojin
RainSidFullmetal Alchemist
UseSidFullmetal Alchemist
the WORLD Nightmare, New YearDeath Note
Brave HeartMiyazaki AyumiDigimon
Moonlight DensetsuMoon LipsSailor Moon
God knowsAya HiranoHaruhi Suzumiya
Nandemonaiya DistrictRADWIMPSKimi no na wa
Todokanai KoiUehara RenaWhite Album 2
Bouken Desho DeshoHirano AyaHaruhi Suzumiya
Flavor of LifeHikaru UtadaHana Yori Dango (D)
Sorairo DaysSaenai HeroineGurren Lagann
Only my RailgunFRIpSide NAORailgun
Yuukyou SeishunkaAli Project Code Gearse
Chasing the World may’nAccel World
Unfinished, UnitedKOTOKO DistrictAccel World
Kanade DistrictSukima SwitchFamous
Let Me HearLas Vegas, LAKiseijuu
Kanashii UreshiiFrederic Koi to Use
Fukashigi no CarteVarious ArtistsSeishun Buta
Sparkle RADWIMPSKimi no na wa
Uragiri no Yuuyake Theatre BrookDurarara
Fatima, TexasKanako ItoSteins Gate
Bravely YouReadCharlotte
Days of DashSuzuki KonomiSakurasou, New District
いいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいVarious ArtistsSakurasou, New District
Oracion, PennsylvaniaAi KayanoIn the Game in Life
This GameKonomi SuzukiIn the Game in Life
B.bThe YatouUchuu Kyoudai

Ranking of the best Japanese songs

To finalize this article, we will share a Ranking of favorite Japanese songs according to a survey by international voting sites such as ranker.

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