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Hi, this is Kevin Henrique from Suki Desu, and today I'm writing a more personal article:

It's been 6 months since I had access to the Online Japanese Program! A closed course created by Sensei Luiz Rafael, site administrator japanese classes and creator of the book Discovering the Japanese Language.

And in this article I want to talk about my experience in this course, and invite you to the 6th week of the Japanese Language, and if possible to be part of the next class of the Online Japanese Program.

The video below is an invitation from Luiz Rafael himself to the 6th week of the Japanese Language:

Índice de Conteúdo

The story of Suki Desu

I never told the story of Suki Desu, but today I will. I've always been influenced by anime and games, and I've never been interested in Japan or the Japanese language. But as time went by I started to see the culture, the language, the security, the attitude of the people and that attracted me. So I've been trying to study Japanese for 4 years now, but as I'm lazy, I can't take the time, and I'm always procrastinating, it took me a long time to learn hiragana and katakana, and my vocabulary was always scarce. Verbs? I only found out in 2015.

So I had the idea of creating a blogger about Japanese that I don't even remember the name of. My idea was to learn Japanese while I was writing and teaching people. At first I was a disaster, because I didn't even know Portuguese well, and sometimes I end up making some mistakes. Then I decided to create Suki Desu, and write articles about the culture.

My first article that was a hit had several comments criticizing the mistakes in English, others were commenting that I shouldn't write about Japan without living there. But did history teachers live history to teach it? It is not necessary to live there, not to mention that there are many Brazilians who live in Japan and do not delve into the language or culture. (I understand it's because of work).

So I met Luiz Rafael who helped me to continue, both directly and indirectly. First, he is a Brazilian of no ancestry, who learned Japanese and created the best online Japanese course in English. He broke all barriers, it makes me think, why can't I break them too?

Personally Luiz Rafael helped me to improve my site, to get in touch with visitors, he gave me tips on how to write, organize and improve the site. I've almost given up on the site, it's not easy to dedicate all day to creating free content that doesn't reach anyone.

Suki desu was created in November 2014 and in September 2015 he only had 1,500 likes, after Luiz Rafael and other friends helped me, today we already have 10,000 likes receiving 4 to 5,000 visits per day on the site. It is worth remembering that all this was also thanks to the help of their shares.

returning to japanese

I've already talked about my enormous difficulty in learning Japanese, but Luiz Rafael also helped me with his Closed Course, the classes are simple and direct, no fuss, easy to understand, and it's done in a way you want to watch. , without getting bored or finding it complicated.

The teaching methods are unlike anything I have ever seen. It sounds strangely simple, but it's actually super effective, and in those 5 months I learned more than the 4 years I've been studying.

I've always been suspicious of online courses, because of the prices and wide variety of courses and topics that exist. Today the market for Digital products and courses is the fastest growing in the world, resulting in many dubious courses.

I also thought I could learn on my own, and I always thought face-to-face classes were better. Until I spent 3 years doing professional programming and design courses at one of the schools that is said to be the best in Brazil, and today I don't remember anything.

But after personally getting to know Sensei Luiz Rafael's course, my opinion changed completely, and I trust online courses and even plan to take others in the future... It's all simple and practical, you have access to a dashboard, where you can follow the class and access all the content, anytime and anywhere:


The course is entirely in video, along with PDF files, audio and tools that will help you in the study. You also participate in a community, have support for any questions and access to many tips and bonuses. Luiz Rafael is also updating the online Japanese Program, reformulating the entire course for the next class, and creating a new module.

The idea to write this article came when Sensei asked the students to record a testimonial about the course. I recorded mine, although I find my voice, my appearance and my recording equipment a little horrible, but I'll leave the video below. This is the first time I make a video, if it hasn't gotten too bad I can think about recording future videos for the site.はずかしい TT

You can view other testimonials from students in the Class of 2015 by clicking on this link.

If you already know Luiz Rafael's work, and intend to join the next class, leave your comment below!

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