Meaning of: 適宜 - tekigi


Romaji: tekigi

Kana: てきぎ

Type: adverb.

L: jlpt-n1

Meaning: fitness

Meaning in English: suitability

Explanation and Etymology - (適宜) tekigi

適宜 (てきぎ) is a Japanese word composed of two kanji: 適, which means "suitable" or "appropriate", and 宜, which also means "suitable" or "appropriate". Together they form the word which can be translated as "appropriately" or "conveniently". The word is often used in formal texts or in instructions to indicate that something must be done according to the circumstances or specific situation. The origin of the word goes back to ancient Chinese, where the same kanji were used with the same meaning.

Synonyms and Similar - (適宜) tekigi

See below a list of Japanese words that have the same meaning or is a variation of the word we are studying on this page:

適時; 適当に; 適宜に; 適度に; 適切に

Words containing: 適宜

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Kana: てきぎ

Romaji: tekigi



Words with the same pronunciation: てきぎ tekigi

Example Sentences - (適宜) tekigi

Below are some example sentences:


Tekigi ni taiou shite kudasai

Please respond accordingly.

Please respond accordingly.

  • 適宜 (teki gi) - properly, appropriately
  • に (ni) - particle that indicates the target of the action
  • 対応 (taio) - response, reaction, correspondence
  • して (shite) - form of the verb "suru" (to do) in the gerund
  • ください (kudasai) - please do


How do you say fitness In japanese?

There are different ways of expressing the idea of "fitness" in the Japanese language.

A way of saying "fitness" é "(適宜) tekigi". Throughout this page you will find information and alternatives.

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