Meaning of: 煙草 - tabako


Romaji: tabako

Kana: たばこ

Type: Substantive

L: jlpt-n1, jlpt-n5

Meaning: (PT:) (n) (United Kingdom) Tobacco (PT: Tobacco); cigarettes

Meaning in English: (pt:) (n) (uk) tobacco (pt: tabaco);cigarettes

Explanation and Etymology - (煙草) tabako

煙草 (tabako) is a Japanese word that refers to tobacco, a plant of the solanaceous family, whose leaves are dry and used for the production of cigarettes, cigars, pipes and other related products. The word 煙草 consists of two Kanji characters: 煙 (en), which means "smoke" or "steam", and 草 (kusa), which means "plant" or "herb". The combination of these two characters represents the plant that produces smoke when burned. It is believed that tobacco was introduced in Japan by the Portuguese in the 16th century during the period of trade with the West. The word 煙草 was later created to refer to this plant, which became popular in the country. Currently, tobacco is widely used in Japan, despite growing concerns about health and increasing restrictions on smoke in public places. The word 煙草 remains the most common way to refer to tobacco in Japanese.

Synonyms and Similar - (煙草) tabako

See below a list of Japanese words that have the same meaning or is a variation of the word we are studying on this page:

タバコ; 紙巻き; 煙管; 煙草製品; 煙草葉; 煙草類; 煙草燃料; 煙草草; 煙草葉巻き; 煙草煙; 煙草葉製品; 煙草葉類; 煙草製造物; 煙草製品類; 煙草製品種類; 煙草種類; 煙草製品品目; 煙草製品種別; 煙草製品種類別; 煙草製品の一種;

Words containing: 煙草

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Kana: たばこ

Romaji: tabako


(PT:) (n) (United Kingdom) Tobacco (PT: Tobacco); cigarettes

Words with the same pronunciation: たばこ tabako

Example Sentences - (煙草) tabako

Below are some example sentences:


Tabako wo suu no wa kenkou ni warui desu

Smoking cigarettes is harmful to health.

Smoking tobacco is bad for your health.

  • 煙草 (tobacco) - noun
  • を (object particle) - particle
  • 吸う (to smoke) - verb
  • のは (topic particle) - particle
  • 健康 (health) - noun
  • に (destination particle) - particle
  • 悪い (bad) - adjective
  • です (verb to be) - verb


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A way of saying "(PT:) (n) (United Kingdom) Tobacco (PT: Tobacco); cigarettes" é "(煙草) tabako". Throughout this page you will find information and alternatives.

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