Meaning of: 掌 - tanagokoro

Romaji: tanagokoro

Kana: たなごころ

Type: substantive

L: jlpt-n1

Meaning: the palm

Meaning in English: the palm

Explanation and Etymology - (掌) tanagokoro

"掌" (shou) is a Japanese word that means "palm of the hand". It is composed of the kanji "掌" (shou), which means "palm of the hand", and "手" (te), which means "hand". The word is often used in contexts related to martial arts, such as karate and judo, where the palm of the hand is used to strike or block. Additionally, the word can also be used in broader contexts, such as in the expression "掌握する" (shouaku suru), which means "to master" or "to completely control".

Synonyms and Similar - (掌) tanagokoro

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手のひら; 手掌; 手の甲

Words containing:

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Kana: たなごころ

Romaji: tanagokoro


the palm


Kana: しゃしょう

Romaji: shashou


(train driver)

Words with the same pronunciation: たなごころ tanagokoro

Example Sentences - (掌) tanagokoro

Below are some example sentences:


Manjou shousai wo abiru

Receive applause from the entire audience.

I will be exposed to the full voice.

  • 満場: means "the entire audience" or "everyone present at the venue".
  • 掌声: means "applause".
  • を: particle that indicates the direct object of the sentence.
  • 浴びる: verb meaning "to receive" or "to bathe." In this case it is being used in the figurative sense of "getting" the applause.


Watashi no tenohira ni wa mirai ga egakarete iru

The future is designed in the palm of my hand.

The future is designed in my palm.

  • 私の (watashi no) - my/mine
  • 掌に (Tenohira Ni) - In the palm of the hand
  • は (wa) - topic particle
  • 未来が (Mirai GA) - Future (subject)
  • 描かれている (egakarete IRU) - is being designed/painted


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A way of saying "the palm" é "(掌) tanagokoro". Throughout this page you will find information and alternatives.

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