Meaning of: 商社 - shousha


Romaji: shousha

Kana: しょうしゃ

Type: Substantive

L: jlpt-n2

Meaning: business enterprise; company

Meaning in English: trading company;firm

Explanation and Etymology - (商社) shousha

商社 is a Japanese word composed of two kanji: 商 (shō) meaning "trade" and 社 (sha) meaning "company" or "society". Therefore, the word 商社 can be translated as "commercial company" or "commercial company". It is commonly used in Japan to refer to companies that engage in international trade or companies that act as intermediaries between manufacturers and distributors.

Synonyms and Similar - (商社) shousha

See below a list of Japanese words that have the same meaning or is a variation of the word we are studying on this page:

商取引; 商売; 商業; 商会; 商店; 商人

Words containing: 商社

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Kana: しょうしゃ

Romaji: shousha


business enterprise; company

Words with the same pronunciation: しょうしゃ shousha

Example Sentences - (商社) shousha

Below are some example sentences:


Shōsha wa Nihon no bijinesu ni kakasenai sonzai desu

Trading companies are indispensable for Japanese business.

  • 商社: trading company
  • は: topic particle
  • 日本の: from Japan
  • ビジネス: business
  • に: fate particle
  • 欠かせない: indispensable
  • 存在: existence
  • です: verb to be


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