Maruchan - One of the most famous cats in the world

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Just like many others, the Japanese love cats. Cat videos are one of the things that are most popular on the internet. A Japanese cat of the Scottish Fold breed, named Maruchan (まるちゃん), has been successful worldwide, due to its YouTube channel. 

Maru-chan's popularity started in 2008, thanks to her thousands of videos. In the year 2013 his videos were viewed more than 200 million times. He is a super mischievous cat running around in paper boxes to hide, in garbage cans and does a lot of other mischief. Check it out in the video below:

YouTube video

Interestingly, Maruchan is also an instant noodle brand that exists in the US. The name maru [まる] probably derives from circle, as the kitten is a large ball.

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Maruchan - one of the most famous cats in the world

Maruchan's success on the internet

Its influence in the media was so great that it even generated mobile games, several memes, and created a new concept regarding cat videos on the net. His videos usually have 400,000 to 20 million hits, have generated topics in the Japanese media and magazines and around the world.

The cover photo for this article is from a video released in Holiday 2014 playing with a box of mochi. In 2018 your channel passes 600,000 subscribers, it may seem like a small number, but in Japan this is a big deal.

YouTube video

If you are one of those who enjoys cat videos on YouTube, this channel will satisfy you, with over 1000 videos.

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