List of festivals in Japanese – Matsuri List


In Japan, thousands of festivals and events take place during the year. There are several festivals that take place in a certain province at various times of the year. These festivals are most often called matsuri.

Ever wondered how to name these festivals in Japanese? In this article we will share a small table with the name of the Japanese festivals and the date of some. Unfortunately the list doesn’t have all the festivals, it’s thousands…

List of festivals in japanese - matsuri list

List of Festivals and Events of Japan

The list below in addition to the festivals and their names in Japanese also shares other events that may fall into the category beyond the date of some festivals.

Spring Festival春祭りharu matsuri
Summer festival夏祭りnatsu matsuri
Fall Festival秋祭りaki matsuri
Snow festival雪祭りyuki matsuri
Culture and art festival文化祭bunkasai
New Year正月shou gatsu
Hanami – Flower Festival花見hanami
Hanabi – Festival of Fires花火hanabi
Valentine’s Dayバレンタインデーbarentain de-
Doll Festival (March 3)雛祭りhina matsuri
Buddha’s Birthday (April 08)花祭りhana matsuri
Green Day (April 29)緑の日midori no hi
Golden weekゴールデンウイークgo-ruden ui-ku
Children’s Day (May 5th)子供の日kodomo no hi
Mothers Day母の日haha no hi
Father’s Day父の日chichi no hi
The Festival of the Stars (July 7)七夕tanabata
The Festival of the Stars (July 7)星祭りhoshi matsuri
Bon Festival (mid-August)お盆obon
Ceremony in which paper lanterns are floating in a river (August 15/16)灯篭流しtourou nagashi
Festival for 3,5 and 7 year olds (November 15)七五三shichi go san
Culture Day (November 3rd)文化の日bunka no hi
New Year’s Eve (December 31)大晦日oomisoka
Summer holidays夏休みnatsu yasumi
Winter break冬休みfuyu yasumi
Entrance Ceremony (School)入学式nyuugaku shiki
Adulthood day成人式seijin shiki
Adulthood day成年式seinen shiki
Graduation ceremony卒業式sotsugyou shiki
Wedding結婚式kekkon shiki
Funeral葬式sou shiki

I hope you enjoyed this list of Japanese festivals. If you liked it, share it and leave your comments. There are thousands of festivals, so if you remember one you don’t have on the list, just leave it in the comments.

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