Widespread lies about Japan!

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People have a terrible habit of generalizing things, especially in Brazil! As the population is not satisfied with the system, it simply oppresses other countries to feel better. Causing other countries to have a terrible situation, and saying that Brazil is the best place to live. In this way there have been several rumors, it’s wrong ideas about Japan, and in this article I’m going to talk about them.

The aim of this article is to respond to the distorted and widespread idea of those Brazilians who have never been in Japan and do not even know their culture!

Note:Don‘t think I’m saying that Japan is wonderful is that Brazil sucks. This is relative, and I’m not wanting to value any of the countries. I’m just counter-attacking the generalizations of the people who criticize Japan.

Remembering, many here read this matter and understood completely different the meaning of it. The purpose of this matter is to counter what some Brazilians who have NEVER lived in Japan speak or think from there. We’re not comparing anything or criticizing anything.

Remembering the lies below, they are not entirely lie, but we are responding to the generalizations! Things are quite relative!

Widespread lies talking about Japan!

Food is expensive, mainly Fruits, vegetables and meats

The media mentions that life in Japan is expensive, say that fruits cost R $ 100, and that Japanese only eat fish. However, they did not mention the fact that these fruits of R $ 100 are handmade, and that the cost of living there is lower than in Brazil.

Any type of food industrialized or imported in Japan, such as chocolates, appetizers, sweets, drinks, biscuits and others. They can be cheaper than in Brazil. Even red meat can find itself cheaper. So who says you only eat fish there?

Although fruits and vegetables have a price higher than brazil (for example something that costs $10R there can cost $30R) they did not take into account the salary earned by a Japanese, the minimum wage of a Japanese is usually 4 to 6,000 reais or 200,000 yen.

Japanese consume more natural foods than Brazilians, it is possible to see that almost all Japanese foods are composed of vegetables and fruits, so how could this be something expensive and rare? Japan’s food is one of the healthiest in the world, making Japan one of the world’s most centuries-old countries.

Even with the Brazilian salary it is possible to eat much more in Japan than in Brazil. Then why say they starve?

Widespread lies talking about Japan!

They generalize earthquakes and tsunami

Japan is also criticized for being a dangerous country. People think earthquakes kill every day, and that tsunami will cover the whole country and kill everyone.

I find it a thousand times safer to be in Japan than in Brazil. Earthquakes happen in Japan every day, this is true, but rarely some harm cause. In the last 10 years it has only had one tsunami in 2011 that killed more than 20,000 people. In Brazil, almost this dies in a month because of crimes and recklessness in traffic.

Japan may even be uncertain in this regard. Nobody knows tomorrow, anything can happen. But living in Brazil is much more dangerous than being in Japan.

Japanese are not happy, they only work.

People think everyone who lives in Japan works 13 hours a day. Yes there is this case, especially with foreigners who will work in Japan. But Japan’s workload is only 9 hours, and their salary is 10x Higher than ours.

The reason for so much work is because Japanese like to work, and they do overtime. In Japan people are paid per hour, the minimum wage is usually 700 to 1,000 per hour, approximately R$ 30. And just as in Brazil, there are diversities, some work part-time, others do not work.

Widespread lies talking about Japan!

Japanese kill because it’s bad there.

Every year more than 20,000 Japanese commit suicide, that’s a sad thing, but who’s to blame for it? Is it because the country is bad? Japanese have a different mindset from ours, they give the most of themselves, and when they don’t get something, they feel useless and kill themselves.

Not to mention that the suicide number in Japan is not that great. There are only 18 suicides per 100,000 inhabitants, in how much in Brazil it is 12 out of every 100,000 inhabitants. There’s not that much difference.

The main reasons for suicides in Japan are: Bullying, Disapproval in the entrance exam, loss of someone dear, job loss, loss of girlfriend, carry horns and others…
If the country were a reason to commit suicide, Brazil would be champion!!! If the Brazilian thought like the Japanese, when a Brazilian didn’t get anything, instead of becoming a bandit, he’d kill himself. It would be even better that way.


We do not know why Japanese act in this way, it is a cultural issue, which must have originated a long time ago, at the time that samurai perform the seppuku. But who commits suicide doesn’t matter why, I think it’s stupid. Learn more about suicides by clicking here.

Freedom of expression

The Japanese have the freedom to dress, act the way they want, without being criticized by society. The animes and TV shows that although they are much purer than Brazilian programs, contains content that raises questions from several people. For this reason the Japanese are found by the Brazilians. They make jokes and question their sexuality, in addition to calling them crazy, and many other questions.

In Japan there is no judgment between male and female tastes, but acting like Brazilians and judging the person by tastes, colors, gestures is absurd. I say that the way the Brazilian acts is much more rough, speaking slang of sexual connotation and immoral profanity. So why do you criticize the asian lifestyle? This is probably jealous of the freedom that the Japanese have to express themselves in fashion, taste and culture.

Widespread lies about Japan! - maid 1

A country without space, only buildings, small houses and no green.

People have an idea that japan today is a place full of cities and buildings, and that there is no room to live, and that every country is populous, some even think that Japan has no farms or fields.

As big as Brazil is big compared to Japan, it’s having a big green terrain, in Japan you won’t find any slums like here in Brazil. And make sure that cities, especially small ones, are much more rural than those in Brazil, cities like Tokyo that has almost the same amount of inhabitants as São Paulo, manages to be millions of times more organized, and with more space for the inhabitants, was up to even considered the best city in the world.

Most people live in apartments, but have you compared the apartments here to Japan? They feel much freer, and have much more space, besides being in a very natural and colorful and clean environment. Trees planted in the middle of the city, cherry trees, rivers that pass through every corner.

Houses and apartments can be smaller and expensive. However, almost every home in Japan has a hot tub, separate toilet from the bathroom, use of technology for climate and well-being, do you really think they consider themselves without space and without freedom? All this is a matter of custom.

Widespread lies about Japan! - shirakawago 2

Japanese are perverted

Brazilians often call Japanese horny, due to movies, videos, animes, locations, products, lolicons, bizarrices and etc. ( い° いい°)

The truth is, everyone’s a pervert, that’s logical… ( but specifying Japanese as the most perverted country in the world is another ignorance… Which country speaks more slang of sexual connotation? You only talk about sex? Most songs only talk about picking up women and ballads, and where is Funk? Is there a country more perverted than this?

Yes, in Japan there are sexual bizarrices, a lot of naughty stuff, many wild freaks and collectors of salivaand panties. But it’s a wonder you can walk down the street without hearing the word fuck, fuck, fuck… You won’t find people listening to immoral music, there people only find immorality if they want, the exposure there is much smaller, it can be considered bigger if they look in a different way. (They have all freedom, and are not ashamed to read hentai in public places.)

Widespread lies about Japan! - japonesa 3

Japanese eat insects, dogs

People have a terrible craze to confuse Chinese culture with Japanese culture, you can rather have restaurants that sell insects and dog meat in Japan, but never think that this is Japanese culture. That’s Chinese and Korean culture.

Japanese and Chinese language and everything the same

Another thing that Brazilians think is all the same, the language… They even make jokes about flango pastel with Japanese, and this is a Chinese joke, Japanese can’t even speak the L, he would talk about furango pasuteru.  . Although the Japanese contain some Chinese ideograms the language is composed of syllables, and has an alphabet of easy comprehension, while the Chinese and fully composed of ideograms.

Widespread lies about Japan! - chinese 4

Japanese is racist and prejudiced

People think that all Brazilians who go to Japan suffer prejudice from the Japanese, I personally suffer more prejudice here than being there. People criticize me for liking Oriental culture, this is one of the main reasons I want to leave Brazil, for lack of respect for my tastes.

Although the Japanese look dry, they are quite loving and do everything they can to please and help others. Especially those who strive to learn language and customs. Unfortunately, you may realize actions that seem prejudiced, but it’s something common between them. Sometimes it’s just ashamed of not being able to help you the right way. Cultural differences cause some to rush.

Like anywhere, there will be cases of prejudice. But it’s a mistake to blame every population, calling it racist, that’s total ignorance. The Japanese have every reason to hate Brazilians, but they don’t.

Widespread lies about Japan! - racismo preconceito2 5

In the case of Humiliation and Ijimi, this happens to both Japanese and foreigners. So if you have an unlucky way to find a bad person, you’il see the Asian way…

Although Brazil is a free country, foreigners, mainly Asian, suffer much more for jokes and lack of education. But don’t think Japan is a thousand wonders. Japan has many problems, I even wrote an article on the dark side of Japan.

Well, let’s finish the article around here. There must probably be many other generalizations that people speak of Japan and the Japanese. That’s the ones I remembered now, if there’s any more future I’ll do a part 2.

Please avoid thinking that I’m comparing countries in this article. I came across many comments on strange social networks, with nothing related to the purpose of the article. The goal is to respond to the criticisms, concepts and opinions of Brazilians who do not know Japan.

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