Korea: Check out companies that conquered global space 

With globalization, many companies managed to expand their domains and find new horizons, understanding how the current and modern market works, in addition to being able to innovate technologically and manage to create their own trends.

One of the countries that stood out a lot within this context that we just mentioned was Korea, which, especially in the entertainment industry, has been gaining more and more space both when we think about productions and music.

Therefore, even if your focus is on welding procedure qualification, today's text will address Korea's growth with globalism and some of the companies that have conquered the most space in the world.

Globalization is undoubtedly a major milestone for the world and the way society deals with various issues, such as political, economic, business and technological, generating trends and behaviors that may or may not be followed by other nations.

Through it, people from all over the world were able to be closer to each other and there is a constant evolution in the learning aspect and even in the topics mentioned above, optimizing various processes around the world.

For example, creating robotic cells it was certainly optimized and helped by several countries until it was produced in the way we know it until today and, all this, is due to globalization and the entire technological and economic revolution of the countries.

Of course, the way each country finds, buys, trades and develops its technologies and ways to grow economically depends on each nation, not to mention that each has its own customs and cultures.

However, when we think of Korea, its investment in technology becomes evident, making it move its economy and it gain a lot of space in the global market.

In other words, it was a real decision making that changed an entire status of the nation.

And this is reflected both in the manufacturing of machined parts in general as well as in other markets, such as entertainment, as mentioned above, and even in the production of automobiles. It is a country that, in some respects, serves as an example to be followed.

With that in mind, the following topics will address some companies that have managed to gain a lot of space within this increasingly globalized world, also understanding how they successfully maintain themselves and how the country has become even stronger in the area of technology.

Influential branches of Korean industry

be focused on automation electrical panels or in promoting entertainment, for a company to gain recognition at a global level, first, it needs to be very influential and supply several fronts in several points of importance for the brand.

That means, let's take the entertainment business for example. Although it has been around for a long time, the well-known style K-Pop, having its origin in Korea, has gained the world and many fans and supporters because of globalization. With companies, it is no different.

Even though it is a leader in the production of proximity badge, for example, some of the fastest growing branches in Korea that make it a reference in the global market are:

  • Steel industry;
  • Shipbuilding industries;
  • Automobile production;
  • Telecommunications;
  • Electronic industries.

In other words, all these industries, in one way or another, are linked to technology or need it to be able to stay relevant in the market or take full advantage of what it can offer, offering a better job.

Of course, much can be changed, but when we think about how much the car industry has grown over the years, it becomes evident how Korea has expanded its market and, through globalization, has allowed many other nations to trade with it.

a simple industrial boiler shop it can either be bought or manufactured, and when we understand that a market X is better off developing it, whether because of methods, resources, or prices, it shows us that the company has managed to gain global visibility.

The most influential companies

Now that we understand and become much clearer the importance of the Korean market and how it managed to grow and acquire global visibility, becoming a reference for the world, the time has come to meet some of the most famous and influential companies there.

The topics below will address some of them and, even if its objective is to market its products and commercial shed construction, for example, it is good to always explore and know the reasons that make a company grow.

  1. Samsung

Although many think it is a Chinese company, Samsung is Korean and has become very famous for selling technology products, most of them cell phones and electronics, being preferred by many people who use their products.

Being among the first places when people think of this type of product, the company earned approximately 1.4 trillion dollars in the year 2020 and, in 2021, the number of smartphone sales reached 75 million units.

Undoubtedly, a giant in the cell phone market that has conquered the recognition of the whole world.

  1. Kia Motors

Unlike companies that work with the construction management, Kia Motors is focused on the sale and production of automobiles, being one of the giants in the global market. The most interesting thing is that the initial objective of the organization was the bicycle trade.

These days, obviously, that kind of goal is a bit outdated, although it's still profitable to some degree, depending on how much you spend and the audience for it.

Cars are part of our daily lives and, even though there are several companies focused on producing them, Kia Motors has been in the market for years, not to mention that it sells all over the world.

One of Korea's greatest prides, for sure.

  1. Hyundai Motors

One of the pioneers when it comes to car production. Being a very old company, created in 1967, Hyundai is a company that practices the car trade on a global scale, being very famous also for its motorcycles.

Data indicate that the average annual turnover reaches 2.5 billion dollars, not to mention the prestige it has gained internationally. Just like its competitor, because it has been on the market for so long, it has become the preference of many.

As it has headquarters in many countries, it is able to offer prices that are considered affordable by car standards, managing to expand its business and, even today, have a great influence around the world.

Another Korean giant that ended up becoming very well known and loved by many people across the globe.

  1. LG

Also a Korean brand focused on electronics and that has been in the market for a few good years, marketing, producing and selling both common electronics and cell phones since 1947. Many of the first cell phones of people of past generations were from LG.

A little different from other brands, and which may be new to many people, is that the organization also operates in the energy, finance, chemical, machinery, and other 25 Research and Entertainment Centers around the world.

Because it has so many differentials, it manages to have a very different and innovative vision both when thinking about new ideas and technologies and in the field itself where it is already used to being a reference. In other words, it is a vast experience that it carries.

  1. Posco

Now, moving into the steel trading business, Posco is a Korean industry known for being the third largest steel producer in the entire world, focusing its distribution on the automotive and shipbuilding sectors.

Having been in the global market for a long time, with the arrival of globalization, his work and influence have increased a lot, having in 2008 an income close to 517 million dollars.

It seems that the four decades of existence have yielded good results and references, in addition to being a great pride for the nation of Korea.

Final considerations

Today's text addressed and showed how Korean companies have a lot of credibility in the global market and how they are highly influential, exploring the branches in which they have greater ownership and those that have managed to stand out in the world.

Globalization just showed us how important it is to be aware of different types and styles of companies around the globe and how we can learn a lot from them, although we don't necessarily need to agree on their way of doing business.

Anyway, these are giants in the market and they have a lot of story to tell, serving as an example for several other companies and showing how Korea has been growing a lot and gaining more and more space in various branches of our world.

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