Kodo Live in Acropolis, Greece


Kodo (鼓童) It is a professional Taiko group [太鼓]. Based on the island of Sado, Japan, it played a big role in popularizing Japanese drums, both in Japan and abroad. They regularly tour Japan, Europe and the United States.

Although the main focus of the performance is taiko, others traditional musical instruments, such as fue (笛) and shamisen (三味線) also make an appearance on stage as well as traditional dance and vocal performance.

His show includes pieces based on the traditional rhythms of regions in Japan, pieces composed for Kodo by contemporary composers, and pieces written by the members themselves. The numbers shown may change from concert to concert. Its performance usually lasts about an hour and forty minutes.

In Japanese, the word "Kodo" conveys two meanings: "Heartbeat" is the primary source of all rhythm and, when reading in a different way, the word can mean "Child", a reflection of Kodo's desire to touch his drums, simply, with a child's heart. 


The group strives both to preserve and to reinterpret traditional Japanese arts. Upon returning to the island of Sado, experiences and music from world tours and research trips come together, which have a strong influence on the performance of the group and its compositions. They also collaborate with other artists and composers.

Since his debut at the Berlin Festival in 1981, Kodo has given more than 3,100 performances across five continents, spending about a third of the year abroad, a third touring in Japan and a third resting and preparing new material on the island of Sado.

KODO Organizations

There are three organizations that handle activities in the group. Kitamaesen manages everything related to the presentation activities. Otodaiku, manages the group's copyright and the development and sale of musical instruments used by them. The non-profit group is organized under the Kodo Cultural Foundation.

Kodo live in acropolis, greece

Kodo Village

After more than a decade living in a converted home school, Kodo finally obtained 25 hectares (100,000 m2) of densely forested land on the Ogi peninsula in the southern part of Sado Island, and in 1988 the village opening ceremony was held.

In keeping with its dedication to preserving traditional arts, the first structure, the main building, was reassembled from the woods of a farm over 200 years old that was scheduled for demolition.


And now extended it has community kitchens and dining areas, as well as a library dedicated to the world of music and dance. Since then, a reception building, a dormitory building, a studio and, but recently, a new rehearsal room have been added.

In addition to these main communal buildings, married members of the group have been building family houses around the land.

This DVD presents the celebration of the Japanese percussion group Kodo in 1995 in the live performance in the ruins of the Acropolis, in Greece. In addition to the musical film itself, an interview with former Grateful Dead percussionist and drummer Mickey Hart is also included.

(This DVD features celebrated Japanese percussion troupe Kodo's live 1995 performance at the Acropolis ruins in Greece. In addition to the musical footage itself, an interview with the percussionists and former Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart is also included.)


  • Title Kodo: Live At Acropolis
  • Artist / Band: Kodo
  • Year of Production: 1995
  • Release Year: 2002

Technical specifications

  • Media Type: DVDRip
  • Region 1
  • Duration (min) Approx. 60min
  • Screen Formats: Full-screen
  • Audio: Dolby Digital, Stereo
  • Language: Japanese / English
  • Subtitles: No
  • Size; 1Gb
  • Age group: free
  • Number of Discs: 1

Additional Information - Tracks

  • 1. Irodori
  • 2. Miyake
  • 3. Jang-Gwera
  • 4. Zoku
  • 5. Yamauta / O-Daiko
  • 6. Yatai-Bayashi
  • 7. Nishi-Monai
  • 8. Sankan-Shion
  • 9. Monochrome
  • 10. Akabanar