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Now I want to deal with something important with you, visitor of Suki Desu, have you thought about supporting our site? Be part of our team? Or do you already have your own website and channel on youtube and would you like to somehow advertise your business on our website? In these articles I would like to talk about these 2 opportunities, in the course of which you will understand why I am putting them together.

Over the years I have taken care of Suki Desu and Aprender Palavras. I got temporary support from some people, many of them showed interest in supporting the website and the facebook page, but most of them give up over time. Taking care of a website is not easy, I wanted to maintain a daily frequency of 3 articles per day, but there are days when I don't post any.

To try to get around this, I put a system for submitting articles, but I noticed that few people use it. Maybe it's because I removed the author boxes to save space in the articles and just left my profile on the side. But I do not believe that this will prevent people from having recognition of who wrote the article, we can just add something about the author before and at the end of the article that he sends, if he wants to!


Anyway, our website will always need people! Both Suki Desu and our other project, learning words focused on languages. We need not only article writers, but also someone to take care of the facebook page or whatever. If you are interested in being part of the team, presenting or helping with anything, get in touch! You can submit your article right now by clicking here. 

Faça parte do suki desu ou divulgue seu site ou canal!

Opportunity for those who have website and channel on youtube

A very common practice in the past was the creation of partnerships between websites and banner exchanges. Currently it doesn't work for google, it looks badly on the exchange of links and banners in a disorganized way. We try to avoid putting external links on the site as much as possible, unless it is rare in the article. Not to mention that today nobody else clicks on banners.

Several people have already asked me to publish a video of the channel or website, but I am a very busy person and for me to put these videos I would need a related article. So I decided to make the following proposal to anyone who wants to publicize their website or youtube channel on mine, create an article on the subject of the website or video and send it and we'll publish it. The article must be original, follow the rules of SEO and be longer than 450 words. So you will have the promotion you want, the reach will be much greater, because if you simply write a quick article without working on SEO, nobody will read or find it on google, so nobody will watch your video or find your website .


Content is important! I can't just quit posting videos of random youtubers in related articles. The reward must be for both sides! And I don't believe that having my website link on youtube changes anything because the rate of people accessing links in the youtube descriptions is very low. So, do you want a link or your video in an article on my website? Write and send! Sometimes people appear paying about 100 reais just for them to write an article and publish it on my website, and they are usually always related to Japan, even being an advertising person. So it's a good opportunity for you!

Of course, everything needs to follow the rules of the site! The article cannot be news or something that has a date and becomes useless after a few months. It must be related to the categories of the site, and it cannot be similar to something already published. So research, think and do things right to be approved! If you want to post videos on our channel to promote yours, we can also accept! 

Faça parte do suki desu ou divulgue seu site ou canal!


Rules and tips for creating articles

Suki Desu's articles must be of quality, and must reach the maximum number of people possible. See some rules and suggestions so that your site has a better chance of being accepted / approved. Remembering that if you are sending it as a hobby or to help, you don't need to take the rules to heart. It applies more to copywriters who want to be paid.

Before creating the Article:

  • Keep a subject and a keyword in mind;
  • See if the subject is interesting and deserves to be written;
  • Research a little on the subject;
  • Make sure that a similar article is not on the website;
  • Don't forget to put a space after commas and periods;
  • Remember Portuguese errors, be careful with the name of countries in lower case, etc;
  • Beware of the lack of pattern in the articles, let them follow a pattern, instead of making a mess;
  • See how we write on Suki Desu, reading several articles and understand how our article standard works;

Requirements for the Article to be approved: 

  • Not having too many Portuguese errors or concordance;
  • Be a subject of interest to the site, related to Japan;
  • Have at least 450 words and 2 subtitles;
  • The article needs timeless, meaning no news!
  • Do not be copied from any other website, be original;
  • Don't be an article of translating music. (If it is complete, avoid)
  • We recommend that it is not Japanese articles, unless you know what you are doing;
  • Do not format the text with different fonts and colors, you can even use the notepad to avoid;

Before your article is approved, it will be reviewed and edited, and sometimes something related to the subject will be added to make the article as good as possible.

Most important of all: SEO

SEO is a set of techniques that have as main objective to make the sites more friendly to the search engines, working with selected keywords in the site content so that it is better positioned in the organic results. If you have experience with wordpress, you can edit your articles in our admin panel, there you will find SEO support. Otherwise, we recommend researching both SEO and wordpress.

We recommend that when writing your texts keep the following in mind:

  • Avoid more than 300 words from one subtitle to another;
  • Avoid that more than 25% of the text has sentences with more than 20 words without punctuation;
  • Choose a keyword in focus that should appear around 2.5% in the total text, must be in the title and in the first paragraph;

You can submit your article right now by clicking here.

How can we compensate editors?

I can compensate writers according to their dedication and the effect their articles have had. I intend to remunerate only dedicated people who really want to be active writers, that is, I only pay after reaching 30 articles. For me to be able to pay, I need results! That's why articles need to bring results! If you just want to help from time to time I can reward you in other ways like giving VIP access to the site. (one day he leaves) ...

I intend to pay 10 reais per article initially, but this amount can increase according to the prosperity of the site! I can only pay the article writers, people who are going to help on the facebook page need to be for Hobby! Unless she pushes the page and makes it grow in a way that I feel happy to give a nice reward!

I not only want to increase the quantity of articles on the site, but also their quality! I need dedicated people, who really know what they want! My goal is to take this site to the heights, and in the future transform it into a company based in Japan, in order for me to be able to live there and provide more information to people. Who knows, with a team, we will be able to publish these news and videos?


If you have a business or want to create a website, I am also here and can help! Although my time is busy, I understand a lot about digital marketing and SEO, and I can give you some tips to boost your business or website. I see people with a very high audience, with charisma and skills, but they can't support themselves or take the project forward! Don't let that happen! I ran after my dreams and realized! You can accomplish yours! Let's fight together!

You can submit your article right now by clicking here. 

For more details please contact us.