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I think many here are aware of the infinite varieties and flavors of sweets that exist in Japan, especially Kit Kat. But do we really know all the flavors? In this article we will see all the flavors of kit kat released so far showing some photos, dates and other information.

For those who don't know: Kit Kat [キットカット] (Kitto katto) is a Nestlé chocolate, a combination of wafer covered in chocolate created in 1935 by England's Rowntrees. In Japan it appeared in the year 2000 and already started releasing flavors of: Cthere is roasted tea, wasabi, zunda, strawberry, yogurt, grape, mango, passion fruit and banana. While in Brazil in 2014 we only have the chocolate TT This is a sad reality. 

List of kit kat flavors

Japan is famous for launching limited edition and flavored products!

Unfortunately I am in doubt that articles to create, since, there are many similar and spread across the net, so I will do it differently, showing a list with almost all the flavors of Kit Kat launched in Japan.

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Kit Kat Flavor List

  • Kit Kat of Strawberry (1998 - 2000)
  • Kit Kat of Orange (2001)
  • Kit Kat of banana (2002)
  • Kit Kat Strawberry with milk (2003)
  • Kit Kat Duplo by Berry (2003)
  • Kit Kat Green Tea (2004, 2009)
  • Kit Kat of cheese and lemon cake (2004)
  • Kit Kat from Cafe Latte (2005)
  • Kit strawberry pocky kit (2005)
  • Kit Kat honey white (WTF) (2005)
  • Kit Kat Takagi passion fruit (2005, collaboration by Le Patissier Takagi)
  • Kit Kat Abobora Rei? (2005)
  • Kit Kat White (White, Snow Pack) (2005)
  • Kit Kat Miruku shitate (Appears to be azuki beans with cha.) (2005)
  • Kit Kat Leite de hokkaido (Probably from a brand.) (2005)
  • Kit Kat Fruit Salad (2006)
  • Kit Kat Special Winter Strawberry (2006)
  • Kit Kat of cherry (2006)
  • Kit Kat Leite Nasu White (2006)
  • Kit Kat bean Azuki (2006)
  • Kit Kat Almond (2006)
  • Kit Kat Kiwi (2007)
  • Kit Kat Hokkaido Azuki beans (2007)
  • Kit Kat Sakura Saku. (Cherry) (2007)
  • Kit Kat Hokkaido Milk (2007)
  • Kit Kat Matcha Milk (2007)
  • Kit Kat Caramel flavor (2007)
  • Kit Kat Cookies & Milk (2007)
  • Stop Kit Kat Tochio (2007)
  • Kit Kat Waguri (2007)
  • Kit Kat Bitter (2007)
  • Kit Kat Caramelo Macchiato (2008)
  • Kit Kat Azuki with vanilla (2008)
  • Kit Kat White (2008)
  • Kit Kat flavored soy sauce (2008, Tokyo only)
  • Kit Kat flavor Soy flour;
  • Kit Kat Dainagon Azuki beans (2008)
  • Kit Kat Muscat from Alexandria (2008)
  • Kit Kat of potato (2008)
  • Kit Kat of Apple (2008)
  • Kit Kat of drink (2009)
  • Kit Kat Marika tea (jasmine tea) (2009)
  • Kit Kat Semi Suite (2009)
  • Kit Kat Sparkling Strawberry (2009)
  • Kit Kat of milk with coffee (2009)
  • Kit Kat of vegetables (2009)
  • Kit Kat of milk tea (2009)
  • Kit caramel aroma kit (2009)
  • Kit Kat Sakura Matcha (2010)
  • Kit Kat Raspberry (2010)
  • Kit Kat raspberry and passion fruit (2010)
  • Kit Kat flavor cola and flavor lemon squash (2010)
  • Kit Kat bitter almonds (2010)
  • Kit Kat flavor Zunda (2011)
  • Kit Kat plum and soda
  • Kit vanilla aroma kit
  • Kit Kat brown sugar flour
  • Kit kat cocoa flavor
  • Kit Kat (Little) chocolate milk (2008)
  • Kit Kat little pepper (2009)
  • Kit caramel aroma kit
  • Kit Kat of flour (2009)
  • Kat kit of tiramisu green tea (2009)
  • Kit Kat banana bar (2010)
  • Kit Kat bar red beans (2010)
  • Kit Kat Big Flavor Pudding (2011)
  • Kit Kat of wine and chocolate
  • Kit Kat blueberry cheesecake (2008)
  • Perfumed tea kit Kat;
  • Hazelnut and Strawberry Petit KIt Kat
  • Kit Kat of biscuit and cream. (2011)
  • Kit Kat Citrus Golden Blend
  • Kit Kat of Pear
  • Kat Soy Green Kit
  • Shinshu Apple Kit Kat
  • Kat Potato Kit
  • Kit Kat of Cinnamon Biscuit
  • Kit Kat pancake
  • Grape Mousse Kti Kat
  • Kat Soy Sauce Kit
  • Corn Kit Kat
  • Kit of watermelon Kat
  • Kit Kat half bitter
  • Kat Maple Kit
  • Kit Kat of English Tea with milk!
  • Kit Kat Wafer

More Kit Kat flavors

There are also other unlisted flavors, not to mention Kit Kat sizes and shapes.

Of course, we cannot leave the article without some images.

More kat kit flavors
Kit kat flavors in 2010

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Watch Kit Kat videos on the channel Japan Our Daily.

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