Publications of Japanese translations in Brazil

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The literary market has a vast gallery of international titles, especially from English-speaking countries. However, translations from Spanish, French, Italian and German also have plenty of shelves.

The Japanese has recently been gaining more prominence, mainly for contemporary novels with the famous writer Haruki Murakami, several times nominated for a Nobel, as its representative.

However, Japanese literature has always been around, bordering through academic studies or the descendant community itself. With the popularity of Japanese pop culture, interest has expanded to such an extent that today, we can find some of the most important classics of Japanese literature, as well as several published manga titles. However, there is still a lot of untranslated and published material in Brazil.

We can see this through the two publications made in 2018 by the nano publishers incubated by workbooks. In July, the Scientific Initiation project by student Vladine Barros (UFPR) became a book with the translation of 13 poems from the anthology organized by the poet and writer Fujiwara no Teika (1162-1241).

This anthology, called Hyakunin Isshû ("One Hundred Poems for One Hundred Poets") is one of the most traditional works of Japanese literature, made during the Heian Era, known as the classical Japanese era, quite different from what we know geisha and samurai so widespread by the Tokugawa Era. 

Publications of Japanese translations in Brazil

Emperor Naruhito's enthronement ceremony, October 22, 2019. The costumes worn date back to the Heian Era, known as the Japanese Classical Era.”

Thirteen poems by Ogura Hyakunin Isshû

the book is the Jusan'nin Isshû: thirteen poems by the Ogura Hyakunin Isshû, by Editora Urso ). Each poem comes with the original in Japanese and a detailed analysis, which helps in understanding and contact with the text distant from the reader in centuries and culture, in addition to a vast material that talks about the aesthetics and poets of the Japanese classical era.

Publications of Japanese translations in Brazil

The book features classic illustrations used in the game. karuta.

Eastern Horror – Fantastic Folk Tales

The second release was the book Eastern Horror – Fantastic and supernatural folktales, in November 2018 by the BuruRu Publisher. This book brings translations of Chinese, Korean and Japanese tales that narrate stories of ghosts, demons and other mystical and supernatural aspects. These texts, which date between the 3rd and 19th centuries, are mostly unpublished in Brazil.

Publications of Japanese translations in Brazil

In each tale, a work of ukyo-e with spooky themes.”

Irui Kon'in: Fantastic Tales from Japan

Editora Urso continues with the proposal to bring unpublished texts and launched the crowdfunding campaign through Catarse Irui Kon'in: Fantastic Tales from Japan, which aims to produce the book Irui kon'in no mukashi banashi: traditional Japanese tales of fantastic weddings. The edition will feature 21 traditional tales, some of them rare, in translation by teacher and researcher Márcia Namekata, along with the original Japanese tales.

For students of the Japanese language and culture, it is a rich material for research (especially as it is a bilingual edition), but it goes further: it is an enjoyable book that will undoubtedly be a great opportunity for the general public to learn more about the ancient culture of Japan. If you like legends, fables and fairy tales, you will surely marvel at Japanese stories!

Publications of Japanese translations in Brazil

The project will be in the ALL OR NOTHING model, that is, it can only be done if it reaches the goal. So, we have until December 16th to support and make this idea become, in fact, a beautiful book! support on

The movement for the diffusion of Japanese culture and literature is expanding, not only in large publishers, but also among independents.

Here's an invitation to learn more about Japanese culture and what's been published outside the big publishing circuit. We leave the book link Jûsan'nin Isshû: Thirteen Poems by the Ogura Hyakunin Ishhû that Editora Urso keeps available in e-book format for free, here.

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