What do I use to study Japanese and avoid procrastination?

Studying Japanese is not an easy task, especially when you are a procrastinator who cannot dedicate even 5 minutes a day to review Anki. What do I do to get around this procrastination? What do I do to study Japanese despite the terrible procrastination? What tools do I use to learn Japanese without being overcome by boredom or fatigue? In this article, I am going to write about the study method I use to learn Japanese despite procrastination.

If you don't suffer from the same problem as me, feel blessed! Over the 4 years I study the Japanese language and I can't even decide if I'm on the N3 or N4. Mysteriously I know N2 level ideograms, but if you play around there are N5 words and ideograms that I don't know. Another great difficulty besides procrastination is that even if you dedicate yourself to studying, if you have nowhere to use the language you will be late in the same way.

So the first step I recommend is to use the Japanese language on a daily basis, at all times, even to talk to those people who have no idea what you're talking about. Now let's see what I usually do on a daily basis to study Japanese, since I can't even get a book and read.

Procrastination - Act or effect of procrastinating; postpone, delay, waste time, stay awake, be distracted by random things. Social networks, YouTube, anime games and things that waste our time.

Writing for Suki Desu

I created Suki Desu with the intention of studying Japanese, since I would be obliged to research and study Japanese language content, before writing them to the public. Generating content for the site is, in my opinion, the best way to learn Japanese, even though I end up putting aside nihongo related articles.

The creation of the VIP members area and my Marcos Sensei classes is also a way for me to be forced to absorb content despite procrastination. It seems that I work through multitasking, writing articles serves as a motivation for me to study, because I think that in this way I am helping not only myself (in many ways) but the readers.

When writing about Japanese or Japan, I have to browse foreign sites in English and Japanese, so I learn not only Japanese but English as well. Not to mention that the content related to the Japanese language is much greater when searching on foreign websites. If you have difficulty studying and want to write content, you can send your drafts by posting on our website and everyone reading.

What do I use to study Japanese and avoid procrastination?
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Jisho.org + Google Translater

This tool is part of my daily life, where I always research the countless meanings of words and ideograms, so I can find words that fit more with what I intend to say or use. I use jisho.org to analyze, translate and correct the phrases that are usually wrong in Google Translate. Using the two tools together is one of the best ways to learn Japanese.

I usually take a sentence and play it on the google translator to get an idea about the sentence. Then I select word by word and play on jisho to calmly analyze the real meaning and meaning of each word and ideogram.

I already did one article and posted a video about this tool. Studying phrases using jisho and other online dictionaries (tangorin) can be the most practical way to learn Japanese, both in grammar and vocabulary.

Using Anki and FlashCards

Anki is an essential tool for learning Japanese, which unfortunately I can't use as often as I should. All phrases and sentences that you study and sketch should be placed in a flashcard tool like Anki.

For those who don't know Anki, it is a spaced repetition and memorization tool. His goal is not to let you forget what you have studied. Anki was totally designed to remind you of something at the right time.

Some people use flashcards to learn new words, but I believe that using them is a mistake, you should study and put all the phrases and words you study in this tool. Don't waste time downloading ready-made decks with advanced content you've never seen, you won't learn like that.

What do I use to study Japanese and avoid procrastination?

Various forms of immersion in Japanese

Learning phrases and words is not enough to reach an advanced level of Japanese. It is necessary to train reading, listening and even writing. For this reason you should always listen to Japanese music, watch anime or movies, as well as visit Japanese websites and chat with people on social media in Japanese, even if using the Google translator.

The ideal is to have some way for you to immerse yourself in the Japanese language productively in addition to simply watching anime or listening to music. For example, I attend every meeting I attend weekly on my religion, I follow using the Bible and Japanese publications, even though I read slowly and do not understand half of what I read. It was thanks to this method that I learned several words and ideograms that I didn't know.

If you do something often, try to find some way to fit the Japanese language into it. Leave your computer, console and cell phone in Japanese, try writing in Japanese if you are in college or school. Just try to find a way to fit Japanese people into your life in a productive and effective way.

What do I use to study Japanese and avoid procrastination?

Other tools for learning Japanese

Whether through social networks, whatsapp groups, LINE and online games, there are plenty of tools and methods for studying Japanese. In addition to the tools mentioned in this article, we have already written several articles with tips and other options for you to use when studying the Japanese language. Let's leave a list of articles below:

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