Japanese practices and techniques to relieve stress and relax

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We all get stressed out daily because of problems, running, anxiety, etc. Japanese people have different ways of relieving stress that we will share with you in this article.

Although a certain amount of stress in our lives is normal and even necessary, excessive stress can interfere with normal daily activities and have an impact on our personal lives and health. It is worth remembering that not all the techniques and tips mentioned in this article are of Japanese origin 100%.

Basic Japanese to relieve stress

Zen Meditation - Zen meditation is spiritually effective in relieving daily pressure and stress. Close your eyes, breathe well and move away, try not to think about anything. You can empty your mind and de-stress anywhere. You can find traditional meditation in Japanese temples by the name of zazen.


Incense Therapy - Burning these scents and feeling them will help you stay calm and relieve your stress. The smell makes your mind calm, watching it burn can also soothe you. There are several scents like lavender, sakura, wood, sandai and other mixtures for meditation.

Onsen and bathrooms - Most Japanese go to a thermal font to relax. Some go every day after work to end stress and feel refreshed. These places are full of options for relaxation in addition to several pools you will find saunas, massages, massage chairs and even a good read.

Práticas e técnicas japonesas para aliviar o estresse e relaxar

Ashiyu - Popular practice in cities with onsen, it consists of a foot spa. Fill a bathtub with warm water, add aromas and bath salts, put your feet up and enjoy the relaxation.


Listen to songs - Japanese trails usually give pleasure and relaxation, you will find several trails natural, traditional or even modern on the internet to listen and relax.

Make green tea - Try making green tea yourself in the traditional way, kneading the powder with chasen. Both drinking tea and drinking it can be relaxing and result in many health benefits and negative emotions.

Visiting relaxing places - Japanese cities are full of greenery, sights, parks, gardens that you can visit to relax and enjoy nature. If you want something radical, visit a cats coffee and relax with a lot of cuteness. Pets can be relaxing.


Práticas e técnicas japonesas para aliviar o estresse e relaxar

Practicing exercises and martial arts

Akido - Unlike karate or taekwondo, this art promotes mental serenity and respect for others, while rejecting violence. The movements are typically circular and can improve your ability to concentrate while balancing your mind, eliminating stress and toning your muscles.

Shiatsu - Here you put pressure on several specific points on the body related to the nervous system and vital organs. Shiatsu can reduce tension, give energy, eliminate toxins, regulate pressure, relieve anxiety and sleep disorders.


Walk barefoot - This technique is known as Shinrin Yoku, where you must walk barefoot in a park or forest. It is believed that this practice improves your mood, levels of creativity and health. According to studies, this also lowers blood pressure, cortisol (stress hormone) levels and anxiety. In addition to strengthening your immune system and improving cognitive function.

Práticas e técnicas japonesas para aliviar o estresse e relaxar

Reiki - Therapy that serves to stimulate certain points of the body that allows channeling positive energy.

Other methods not originating in Japan can help you Do-in, Tai Chi and Yoga. Doing other things like taking a deep breath, laughing and resting your eyes are helpful in relieving stress.

Did you know? Some companies and people often work together with cats, dogs and goats in offices to avoid stress.

The Japanese method with hands to reduce stress

There is a Japanese technique that consists in understanding that each finger represents a different feeling and attitude. This Japanese technique is able to restore the energy balance of the body and relieve physical and emotional pain.

When we know what each finger represents, we can take 2 to 5 minutes a day and hold each finger with the opposite hand, putting pressure on them and, thus, working on the emotion we want to eliminate. Start with your right hand and repeat with your left. You can also massage your hand points.

  • Thumb: helps to combat worry, nervousness and anxiety;
  • Indicator: helps fight fear;
  • Heart: helps to control anger, anger and indignation;
  • Ring: helps in making decisions and combating sadness and depression;
  • Pinky: helps to relieve stress and increases your optimism and self-esteem;

This simple technique uses several concepts of traditional oriental medicine, but integrates them in an easy method so that anyone can perform it without difficulties at home. It is based on an oriental art called "Jin Shin Jyutsu" the art of happiness.

Práticas e técnicas japonesas para aliviar o estresse e relaxar


Our hands connect on our bodies

It may seem like a spiritual thing, but really every finger on our body connects to something on our body that influences certain feelings and emotions. In reality, these techniques can even help solve certain health problems or prevent them:

  • The thumb: stomach and spleen, headaches, stomach problems and skin disorders;
  • The index finger: your kidneys and bladder, muscle pain and digestive problems;
  • The middle finger: gallbladder and liver, menstrual pain or headache, problems with vision, circulatory problems and fatigue;
  • The ring finger: the colon and lungs, problems with digestion or the respiratory system (especially asthma);
  • The little finger: the heart and intestines, bone problems;

There are several techniques involving points on our body that help to relieve stress and solve health problems. I hope you enjoyed the article, if you remember any techniques or add anything leave in the comments. Thanks for sharing!