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In today’s article we will cover some curiosities, rules and things that are prohibited in schools in Japan. It is worth remembering that things change over time and that each school is different from the other. So, not everything in this article is the rule of all schools in Japan, everything is quite relative, some schools are more liberal, others are more rigid.

I think that some things are not necessary to go into details because most of them already know, like the mandatory use of the uniform or punctuality. Most of the rules that we are going to see are for Chugakko and Kokou students (12-18), but we are not going to specify which one belongs to each year, nor which schools have such rules. Do not think that all schools have such rules.

Japan School Appearance rules

In addition to the uniform already mentioned, here are some rules that involve appearance:

You cannot change your natural appearance. For example, dye your hair, wear makeup, wear colored contact lenses, pinch your eyebrows, paint your nails, etc. You cannot use any jewelry or accessories of any kind. For example, necklaces, rings, watches, earrings, etc. Of course, there are exceptions and some permissions within that area.

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You cannot wear a bright colored sweater or coat over your uniform during the winter. Only colors like gray, navy, black and neutral. All of this will depend on your school. Boys cannot have long hair or a very large beard. The use of socks is mandatory.  A girl’s bangs cannot extend beyond her eyebrows. You cannot make certain changes to the uniform such as shortening, painting or changing the color.

And remember that these rules do not apply to all schools, and there are many more rules designed to keep students and school looking good. It is worth remembering who these rules apply outside of school when wearing the uniform. However, not everyone follows the rules, most girls tend to shorten their skirts when they are out of school.

Japan School rules

At the beginning of the class and at the end the students will bow and greet. Students must bring their own meals, the sale and consumption of certain foods and processed products is not allowed.

Students cannot bring manga to school. You should not use your cell phone at school. punishments. If the student is absent, the countries should call to inform the reason. You must participate in a club (sports, literature, music, etc.).

The school does not allow the student to do certain types of work or to have jobs. Sometimes it is common for a student close to graduation to participate in part-time jobs or beaks called baito.

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Some schools even prohibit their children from going to an Arcade or Karaoke without the presence of the country. Sometimes it is even forbidden to sleep in the house of friends. Students must be at home before curfew (22:00). Students cannot take extra classes or courses without informing their teacher.

It is not allowed to do anything that embarrasses the name of the school or the student, including having intimate relationships with someone. It is worth remembering that many students do not apply these rules. There are many other rules that don’t exist in schools in other countries like ours. Don’t think that because of so many rules, Japan’s educational system is perfect, many things go unnoticed by teachers or ignored, many cases of bullying happen, and Japanese people are not as obedient and perfect as some think.

Some things were not mentioned in this article, we recommend that you read the article “Anime School VS Japanese Schools” to understand a little more about the school and its rules. We also recommend:

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