Japanese princess Mako abandons throne to marry commoner

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Whoever looks at it even thinks it's a movie story, but it's not! Japanese princess Mako of Akishino (眞子) is soon to be married to a commoner and will put aside her royal fortune and give up her noble title.

Princess Mako is 30 years old and the eldest daughter of Prince Fumihito and Princess Kiko. She also carries on her back the burden of being Emperor Naruhito's niece and eldest granddaughter of the emperor akihito and Empress Michiko.

In addition to the Japanese princess Mako, other heirs are her younger brothers Princess Kako, aged 27, and Hisahito de Akishino, aged 16.

Princesa japonesa mako abandona trono para se casar com plebeu - princesa mako 3

But what exactly does the Japanese princess lose by marry someone not belonging to royalty? How did the princess and the commoner meet? And is the Japanese imperial family in extinction? Let's check it all out in this article.

japanese princess life

Princess Mako, like every royal person, had a great education, speaks English and German, studied at the Gakushuin school which is an educational institution aimed at people with noble titles. She also attended some universities and at her last met her current fiance.

Mako studied at the University of Dublin in 2010 located in Ireland, in 2012 he attended the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. And from 2014 to 2015 he went to England to study at the University of Leicester where he studied Arts and did an internship at the Coventry Museum.

Princesa japonesa mako abandona trono para se casar com plebeu - princesa japonesa

Apparently Mako liked to go unnoticed, to lead a normal life without the responsibility of representing the royal family at official events.


According to information from a Jornal Nacional de Portugal, the Japanese princess Mako's goal when attending University in England was the debauchery she could have, there she was not treated as a noble and many did not even recognize her. The princess even lived in a university residence.

Even though she is the eldest daughter and with the title of princess, Akishino's Mako is not in the line of succession to the throne. for being a woman, this responsibility is intended only for men then close to the lineage to occupy the throne and their younger brother.

Princesa japonesa mako abandona trono para se casar com plebeu - princesa mako em evento
Mako durante uma visita oficial ao Butão

As a Japanese princess, she must comply with certain protocols related to her position. She usually hosts the imperial family at events, especially those focused on culture and education in various countries.


In 2018, Princess Mako was in Brazil for the event to commemorate 120 years of Japanese immigration, she was received by former president Michel Temer.

the japanese princess and the commoner

Princess Mako and her fiance Kei Komuro met during their arts college, they studied at the same institution but he did law. Nowadays he is already a lawyer. In May 2017 they officially announced the engagement and set the date for November 2018, but months later the postponement of the wedding was announced.

The Imperial House spoke out saying that Mako postponed the wedding to think better of his decision. But after the press investigated the real reason they discovered that they had actually postponed the wedding because of financial problems involving the groom's mother.


Komuro's mother owed her ex-husband the equivalent of 185,000 yen to finance her son's studies. The father claims that it was a loan and the mother that it was a gift. Three years later, in 2020 Princess Mako claimed that the marriage was still standing. The celebration was rescheduled for the end of 2021.

Princesa japonesa mako abandona trono para se casar com plebeu - princesa e seu noivo

Upon performing Akishino's Mako wedding, she loses the title of princess, will no longer be able to participate in the royal events and has decided not to receive the dowry valued at more than 152.5 million yen (7.2 million reais) that are delivered to the royal women who marry commoners.

After the wedding, the couple must live in New York where Kei Komuro wants to practice law. He graduated in early 2021 and took the exam to practice law, the result comes out in December. The wedding must not follow any traditional ritual, it will only take place in Japan, then make the resignation and move to the American city.

Is the Japanese royal family threatened with extinction?

As already mentioned, only male members can occupy the throne and if a man marries a commoner he does not lose his title or his position.

This still generates a lot of discussion these days even more with the wedding of Japanese princess Mako on the doorstep. These laws are diminishing the options that the imperial family has regarding the next heirs.

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There are currently only three men in the line of succession. Of the 18 members of the royal family 13 are women. THE Yamato dynasty it is the oldest royal house on the planet.

Questioning possible changes in royalty divides opinions. Some believe that having women in charge violates tradition, while others believe that this would be the best way to save the family's existence.

The proposal was up until the birth of the younger brother of the Japanese princess in 2006, after which the concern subsided. In the past, men who were at the head of royalty who did not get male children even resorted to having children out of wedlock.


Will the marriage between the Japanese princess and the commoner interfere that much with the Japanese royal family?