Japanese Language Week - August 2020

Participate in the largest online event on the Japanese language for free that takes place several times of the year. Find out more details about the event and the Japanese Online Program school.

Every year, Luiz Passari and its team, the Japanese Online Program school, holds an online event where it shares tips on how to study Japanese correctly, what are the benefits of learning Japanese and what tools to use.

What is Japanese language week?

The Japanese Online Program works in two ways, sharing content for free on your social media like YouTube, Instagram and Facebook, writing articles on the site Japanese lessons and also with a closed course that opens enrollment a few times a year.

It is precisely after the Japanese Language Week Event that enrollment for this course is opened. The event itself is still completely free and is focused on directing a novice student to the best learning method.

Japanese Language Week - August 2020

The main objective of the Japanese Online Program is to help everyone, regardless of having the desire to take the course closed or not. This time the Japanese Language Week classes were recorded during the tour with students in Tokyo that happened last month.

The same thing happens with other online courses like Nihongando or Nihongo Premium. All hold a similar event with the objective of attracting more people both as a means of publicizing their courses or their social networks.

How is the Japanese Language Week held?

A few months before the Event, the Japanese Online Program Team starts to release some invitations on social networks. You are redirected to a registration page where you enter your name and e-mail address to be present at the event.

During the week of the event you will receive several emails notifying you that the videos of the week have been released. About 4 full videos about the Japanese language will be released, along with a Live Live sometime.

Videos can last from 20 to an hour. I have nothing concrete, because this week's videos were recently recorded in Japan. The best way to find out is to follow the event.

To participate in the event just click on the button below and register now. You may not receive the confirmation email, but don't worry, your presence has been marked and you can receive an email a few days later.

Those who are registered on the Suki Desu website also received e-mail notifications of the Luiz Rafael event and other similar events that have taken place on the Japanese language over the years.

Thank you for reading our article, I hope he has answered your questions about Japanese Language Week. Don't forget to share this article by inviting friends to participate in the event.

Why participate in Japanese Language Week?

Anime and Manga without subtitles

Maybe you like things produced in Japan (it was my case). You will see that it is possible to learn Japanese and thus enjoy Japan in its true essence, by going straight to the source. You can give meaning to your hobbies.

Open doors to Japan

Japan is a country of open doors for tourists and people who want to study or work in the country, but these doors are only opened by learning Japanese, qualifying and studying.

Knowledge and Qualification

Learning Japanese is new knowledge in your life, it is training your brain and looking at the world from another perspective. It means becoming more qualified, wiser and therefore happier.

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