Japanese Hair - Uncovering Its Origins

Ever wondered why Japanese hair is straight and thick? A lot of people already know the answer but don't know how to explain it exactly. That's why we're here to give you a short lesson on biology and physics. But nothing talking about the hairdressers in japan, for that we have another post.

Remembering that we will go back a little there to the school season. It may seem strange but the explanation can easily be found there. The problem is that the explanation may be a little more interpretive than explicit. So let's unravel a little history too.

Unraveling Japanese hair

Cold places and hot places

Let's start with a little history. You must know that just like today, people were spread across the globe, and they always made their migrations. These migrations stopped as soon as they learned agriculture, but that's beside the point.

Very well, depending on the climate of the place, people were cold or hot. This is still a fact today, but in the past it was more intense for peoples. In the cold, people needed features that helped them retain heat in their bodies.

Already in the heat, the people needed characteristics that helped them to dissipate the heat. And remembering Charles Darwin's theory of evolution, the ones that survive are the ones that adapt. And every living being needs and will adapt to survive.

Thus, Japanese hair, that is, the smooth and thick of asians, and the curls and curls of the Africans are their adaptations.

Japanese hair - straight and thick

As Asia is in one of the coldest places on the planet, they would have to adapt to retain heat. In this way, straight and thick hair became its own evolutionary characteristics. I think that part was understandable.

Japanese hair, or rather Asian hair, is thick because it contains many more cells than other types. This happens so that the wire has a much better ability to retain heat. In addition to the fact that its keratin is evenly distributed among the strands. This way the hair is smoother and firmer.

Have you ever thought that in straight hair you can't see the scalp? This is to help with heat retention as well. When the scalp is somewhat exposed, as in curly and frizzy hair, it dissipates heat faster.

In this way, Asian peoples evolved with this precept of avoiding heat loss. Speaking of which, have you ever wondered if the Japanese have any kind of prejudice with your hair?

Unraveling Japanese hair


Speaking of hair, one thing I always find strange is baldness problems. As much as we evolve, this problem will always accompany us. Be it an African, an Asian, a European, an American or anyone else.

Calvive seems to be evolving along with us. And that way it seems I've seen it continue until we find the cure. And worst of all, there are also problems with female hair loss. That's all the more reason to find a cure soon.

The artigo is still half finished, but we recommend opening it to read the following later:


Evolution, the process of adapting to the environment. The human being is famous for being able to survive anywhere on the globe. But this was only possible because of evolution. And in this way we will continue to evolve. Speaking of which, I recommend going on the list of protagonists with white hair.

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