Japanese giant revolutionizes soccer simulator game

For decades the rivalry between PES and FIFA has marked the football simulation game industry. However, losing market share with each passing season, Konami – one of the biggest Japanese companies – decided to completely revolutionize the way of playing. That's because for the first time in its history, you won't need to pay for the game. By the way, its name changed from PES to eFootball, in a clear demonstration of a “new life” for this iconic game. 

Can you imagine being able to play with the team of Sao Paulo soccer club online without having to pay for it? Now, this is one of the most important decisions for this new version of the old PES game. The aim is that various game modes can be tested completely free of charge. That way, all players will be able to experience the best this new eFootball can deliver. 

According to recent information, if you want to evolve to the paid version of this new game, the cost will be around 200 BRL (very similar to what you will pay for the new FIFA 22). However, a bit like it already happens with other big games like Fortnite, you don't have to pay to keep playing this new game all season long. 

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Japanese company admits losing many of its customers

In a totally unexpected decision, the Konami company itself has publicly admitted the possibility of losing many of its fans. In addition to having given up the name PES – emblematic name for any football “gamer” -, the truth is that the physical version of this game has also completely disappeared. Adding to that, several game modes will be totally different.

With a strong inclination towards exclusive eSports tournaments, Konami intends, with this new game, to reach a wider audience, encompassing a big component of competitiveness and even community. Knowing perfectly well the success that its eternal rival FIFA is having in this eSports industry, the eFootball also intends to “attack” this market with exclusive tournaments and attractive game modes.

However, it is important to point out that, due to copyright conditions, this Japanese company is unable to present many of the great international teams. This time you will have to play with teams that end up imitating the real ones. Undoubtedly, this aspect should also be considered, before deciding to try this new Konami game.

What did PES lose to EA Sports' FIFA?

If we go back just 10 years, the truth is that the rivalry between PES and FIFA was huge. To the point that, for a long time, it was not clear which would be the market leader for football game simulators. However, due to a rapid transition to its online modes, the truth is that FIFA, for some years now, has managed to stand out completely. In such a way that Konami felt “obliged” to do something, as a way to combat this total dominance. 

It should be noted that FIFA revolutionized the way to play online against people from all over the world. For some reason, PES was never able to keep up, featuring game modes that weren't at the level of what his rival was presenting. The result is that more and more PES players were switching to FIFA, as FIFA's menus and game modes were far superior.

Therefore, it will now remain to wait to understand like this new eFootball may bring something new to a community that is very FIFA oriented. However, it is important to note that the gameFIFA is far from receiving harsh criticism from players. So, there may be a glimmer of hope for Konami to be able to recover some of its players, after so many years.

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