Superiority complex of descendants and Japanese


Have you noticed that some descendants or Japanese seem to feel superior? Do they seem kind of arrogant and prejudiced? You were not the only one to realize this, in this article we will address the complex subject of superiority.

I'm a little afraid to write articles like this, since people can't think and reason that when I'm talking about something, I don't mean everyone but one small percentage.

If you are a descendant or Japanese and do not fit the criticism of this article, congratulations! Please don't think that I am criticizing the descendants, in fact I am even a little jealous. This is just a constructive criticism of the attitude of some.

I hate it when people read my article and interpret it in general. I hate generalizations and hate when people use the terms "Japanese" to criticize prejudice, racism, coldness, suicide or things like that.


I am talking about descendants and Japanese with the aim of reaching a cultural understanding and not a criticism, the superiority complex is something common in any nationality.

I hope you read this article with an open mind and until the end, so you don't feel that I am criticizing Japanese descendants. This article is a self-analysis to find out if everyone has this attitude, regardless of whether they are descendants or not.

Complexo de superioridade dos descendentes e japoneses

Who is he to write about it? If you asked yourself that, you already have a superiority complex and you are acting arrogant, because humble people accept or at least listen to advice, no matter who it is. And even if they don't like the criticism, they don't go out talking shit afterwards.

Can only descendants and Japanese people have this arrogance or superiority complex? Of course not! So this article is for everyone to reflect!

How did this superiority complex come about?

To understand how this arrogance of descendants came about, we have to analyze that this is due to the fact of the mixture between Japanese and Brazilian culture. Japan has a strong hierarchy and nationalism in its culture, Brazil already has a strong tone of freedom and individualism.

Complexo de superioridade dos descendentes e japoneses

For those who don't know, the superiority complex it is a need to feel superior to everything or everyone. The list of points below highlights the symptoms of a person with this complex:

  • Habit of feeling better than others and boasting about it;
  • Need to lower and diminish people, point out defects and make comparisons;
  • Distorted view of their values and capabilities;
  • Arrogance, envy, self-centeredness;
  • You worry too much about the opinion of others;
  • He runs after achievements and tries to show them off;
  • Excessive perfectionism;
  • Need to justify or correct;
  • Difficulty receiving criticism and recognizing one's mistakes;

These are some symptoms of people with a superiority complex. Now ask yourself, do I fit in with any of these things? Do I need to improve any points?

The origin of the Japanese superiority complex

Researching on the subject, I realized that there is a superiority complex and, at the same time, an inferiority complex among the Japanese. The superiority complex is very strong in Japan, if not the strongest among all nationalities, but at the same time they are subject to an intense inferiority complex.

Complexo de superioridade dos descendentes e japoneses

Apparently, the traditional Japanese superiority complex was derived from the ancient mythological belief that Japan was created by divine beings and that the Japanese themselves were descendants of these superior creatures.

Furthermore, when the first Westerners arrived in Japan, the Japanese were even more convinced of their superiority, especially in social and cultural activities. For the Japanese, Westerners were like savages and uncivilized barbarians.

Currently, questions about prejudice against Westerners are widely discussed, although I personally find it a huge exaggeration and notice that the problems of the superiority complex happen among the Japanese themselves and not simply because the person is Japanese or of descent.

Complexo de superioridade dos descendentes e japoneses

In some cases descendants suffer more preconception than foreigners without ancestry. The Japanese are not xenophobic, they just don't like people who don't respect their culture and thinking or who pride themselves on being different from others.


Now imagine Brazilian descendants who were raised in Brazil enjoying freedom?

Arrogance of Japanese descendants

Why did I decide to cite the arrogance and superiority complex of Japanese and non-Japanese descendants? Well, I decided to write this article after seeing so much shit being commented on social networks like:

Complexo de superioridade dos descendentes e japoneses

Upon reading these comments I came to the conclusion that for the descendants, they have the absolute truth because they live in Japan and know everything. It is the same thing to say: Teacher I know more about the history of Europe because I lived there, you never lived there!

They completely forget that there is something called relativity and different realities. They do not accept to hear opinions contrary to theirs, because they always want to be right. And when it is someone without descendants speaking, then they get even more angry.

Complexo de superioridade dos descendentes e japoneses

Some feel better about living in Japan and believe that only they can have that right. They are proud because they live in Japan but do not know anything about culture, behavior and anything that helps to contribute to the country, they end up creating an environment equal to Brazil.


This ignorant attitude is probably the result of the anger that descendants experience in Brazil. Suppose you are a descendant and someone comes to say: Do you eat dogs? Is Japanese all the same? Why do you only date Japanese? Why don't you go to Japan? Flango Pastel

These questions end up making the descendants and Japanese who live in Brazil furious, thus creating the inferiority complex that results in a superiority complex. As always, Brazilians are to blame for these prejudiced stereotypes.

Superiority complex of descendants in Brazil

I don't really live with Japanese descendants (even because I don't have them here), but several friends of mine who don't have any descendants complain of a certain prejudice, because they are Brazilian and are within a circle or community in Brazil related to culture Japanese.

Sometimes I even think that the stereotype that Japanese people are prejudiced came about not because of the Japanese in Japan, but because of the immigrants and descendants who lived in Brazil. Some with a frown and in a very bad mood. Not without reason, since unfortunately most of the descendants or Japanese who came to Brazil suffered and still suffer prejudice of Brazilians.

In Japan I spent a lot of time surrounded by descendants and Japanese people and I noticed that the Japanese were much happier. Some descendants have already made critical comments (poor thing) that I stayed for a week at the home of a Japanese family who were friends with them, but it was one of the best weeks I had.

Complexo de superioridade dos descendentes e japoneses

Japanese colonies in Brazil usually just like to walk among them. They don't like to mix and want to keep their purity. I even understand that and would probably do the same, but never in a prejudiced way or thinking I am superior to others, as it happens in some cases. I believe that the descendants feel comfortable in their group, as they avoid prejudice against Brazilians.

When looking for information, some comment that the descendants are extremely unfriendly even in tourist districts like Liberdade. Although some imagine that I am talking about the older ones of the old ones, in reality I see is many young people, mainly to join the current rebellion that they acquired.

I follow a number of Japanese people and descendants on social media and I can see the attitude and the ways they usually act, and I see clearly that young descendants tend to expose themselves as superiors much more than Japanese or older descendants.

Calm, because some will generalize

I think it's good to make it clear that I'm talking about a minority, because people love to take my comments literally. If you have never noticed this kind of attitude it is very visible!

Complexo de superioridade dos descendentes e japoneses

There are many good and welcoming descendants, I had good experiences among them, but don't try to deny that there are no descendants with a superiority complex or that do not have at least one of the points mentioned in the article.


Not to mention that Brazilians are also far superior to many nationalities. When nationalism is strong, humility is zero, the chances of a person having a superiority complex are very high.

The years pass and this superiority complex because of nationality is decreasing. Sometimes the inferiority complex is getting bigger, mainly with the westernization of the Japanese.

Have you seen this atmosphere of arrogance? Tell us your experience! Finally, we will leave some articles that will extend a little what we discussed here: