Similarities between Japanese and Tupi-Guarani

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Have you heard that the Japanese language has similarities with the language tupi-guarani? How is this possible? In this article we will present and unravel this mystery and these small similarities.

For those who don't know, Tupi-Guarani is one of the most important language families in South America, it encompasses several indigenous languages that are part of several tribes in Brazil and even as the official language of Paraguay.

Tupi-Guarani vs Japanese

Below we can see several similarities between the Japanese language and Tupi-Guarani:

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tatakutatacato snap
oh-shuuau-ssubdeep affection love
agetefixJ – entirely T - Certainly
aranufrogfalse, erroneous
ariayriJ - ant T – little kid
to mehiJ – greenery T - green
oh-zoua-joJ - guard T - bag

In Japanese there is the demonstrative pronoun year (あの) while in Tupi there are demonstrative pronouns to and dwarf.

It is not enough to have a similar pronunciation, Tupi-Guarani and Japanese have similar words with the same or similar meaning.

Sometimes not only the words but even the Japanese grammar looks like Tupi-Guarani.

Other similarities between Tupi-Guarani and Japanese

It's not just the language and its features that have similarities with Japan, its traditional huka-huka fight has several similarities with sumo and judo. It is worth mentioning that there is also a great similarity with the Turkish language.


This is not the only language that has a similarity with Japanese, we have already written an article on this subject, you can read clicking here. In this article we cover different languages from Chinese to Hebrew.

Some scholars also create theories of the probability of tupi-guarani have their roots in Asia. In addition to the Japanese language, Tupi-Guarani also has several similarities with Sumerian, further proving this belief.

History or collective unconscious?

Others claim that these coincidences are nothing more than the collective unconscious, which consists of the idea that we all inherit tendencies, traits, virtual images, which would be common to all human beings.

Are the Tupi-Guarani descendants of the eastern peoples who crossed the Bering Strait? Could it be just a coincidence, and the 2 languages originate from a single proto-language?

Or is this the result of the collective unconscious? Does this have anything to do with the tribe? Ainu tribe? What is your opinion on this matter? Leave it in the comments and share this article with friends.

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