Japan vs Brazil vs United States – Key Stats

I think everyone is aware that Japan is a safe country, and that Brazil is a very dangerous country. How can we understand this through data and statistics? In this article I will share some comparisons and statistics from Japan, Brazil and sometimes the United States which is quite influential in both countries.

The data in this article is taken from a survey carried out by the website NationMaster responsible for doing country-specific surveys and statistics. Let's start!

Most of the figures cited in the article are proportional to the population, most often calculated per 100,000 inhabitants. Try not to take the data in this article as absolute, as these searches are never exact.

Data related to Violence in Japan, Brazil and the USA

In Brazil the minimum age for criminal responsibility is 18, in Japan it's 12 and in the United States it's 6. The increase in crime in Brazil was 74 in the last 3 years, 57% more than Japan.

Japan is in 129th position in the crime increase, Brazil is in 13th and the United States is in 45th. In terms of crime levels, Brazil is 6 times more dangerous than Japan, while the US is 4 times more dangerous.

Drug use in Brazil is 26 times higher than drug use in Japan. In the United States, drug use is 6x higher.

In Japan the homicide rate is 1 person per 100,000 inhabitants, in the USA it is 5 and in Brazil it is 22. 87% of the Japanese population feel safe walking alone on the street, while in Brazil only 14%. Intentional and violent crimes in Brazil are usually 80x higher than in Japan.

The number of rapes recorded by the police in Japan is 1 per 100,000 inhabitants, in the USA this number is 27 times higher. Brazil does not usually disclose rape-related data, but the number is believed to be at least 100x higher.

japan vs brazil vs united states - main statistics

Health related statistics from Japan, Brazil and USA

In Japan there are 14 hospital beds for every 1,000, while in Brazil there are only 2 and in the US there are 3. The infant mortality rate in Brazil is 8 times higher than in Japan, with 21 deaths per 1000 births.

No matter how much Japan's medical care is criticized by foreigners, Japan ranks 1st in various health categories such as speed, cost, and quality of healthcare. Don't ask me why...

The curious thing to mention about this ranking is that Japan, even without public health, seems to spend 2x less on private expenses than Brazil, where health care is free.

  • Deaths from HIV are 30 times higher in Brazil;
  • Obesity in Brazil is 4 times higher.
  • In Brazil 118 times more children live with AIDS than in Japan.
  • Life expectancy in Japan is 33% higher than in Brazil;
  • In Brazil, 15 out of every 1000 inhabitants are born, twice the rate of Japan.
japan vs brazil vs united states - main statistics

Other statistics from Japan compared to Brazil

Brazil is about 23x bigger than Japan.

The income in Japan is 9 times higher than in Brazil, where the GDP is 4 times higher. Japan ranks 24th in terms of quality of life, while Brazil ranks 84th.

  • In Brazil, there are 789 times (3.25 million) more children out of school than in Japan.
  • Japan consumes 4 times more energy than Brazil;
  • 75 out of every 100 people are internet users in Japan (Brazil 37);

Of course, these are not the only data presented to compare Japan with Brazil and other countries. I recommend doing a deeper search on NationMaster, as there are more than 7000 research data to buy.

Brazil must have come out ahead in many categories, I just selected the ones I found most interesting to readers. Hope you enjoyed the article! Some data related to cost of living and others, I preferred to leave it with the articles below:

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