Japan to invest ¥ 5 billion in urban railways in Brazil

Nihon Keizai newspaper reported on Wednesday that a Japanese public-private fund will participate in several urban railroad projects in Brazil.

Mistsui, which already has a partnership with Odebrecht, will share its stake with JR Nishi (West Japan Railway) and JOIN (Japan Overseas Infrastructure Investment Corp.).

According to the newspaper, the Japanese fund will participate in the construction of a railway in the state of Rio de Janeiro, which is currently underway, and a São Paulo metro line, scheduled to start operating in 2021.

According to the statement from the partnership between Mistsui and Odebrecht last month, the projects should receive around 17 billion investments by 2020.

JOIN, which is managed by the Japanese Ministry of Transport, will send engineers and professionals specialized in railways to Brazil. It is estimated that the fund will invest more than ¥ 5 billion (more than 150 million reais) in Brazil.

In addition, other projects are being implemented with the partnership between Mistsui and Odebrecht, which are the VLT Carioca and VLT de Goiânia.

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