Does Japan help foreigners? Are we enslaved?

Do you think Japan is bad? That Japan doesn't help anyone? That here you are a slave? Those were the questions that Leandro Neves from Afrodeks TV made it on a Live that piqued my interest in writing this article.

First of all, I want to make it clear that there is no perfect country. However, I have observed many negative comments present in subjects that are positive. This is as if the person only knew how to complain about life without having any joy. The Brazilian community in Japan seems disunited, it is not for nothing, we live in the mimimi generation, where people only know how to complain and are not satisfied with anything. In this article, I would like to address some issues and rewrite comments that happened on that Live that happened on Facebook. It is worth making it clear that the words in this article are not mine, I am just rewriting and wish you are not offended. The Live video is located at the end of the article!

All legalized foreigners who pay taxes correctly have their rights. It is up to you to pursue your benefits and rights. To say that the Japanese government does not help anyone is very much a misnomer. Japan offers a lot of help! However, those who want rights have obligations! Some still end up being injured by contractors, don't let that happen! Run after your rights!

Does Japan help foreigners? Are we enslaved?

Japan helping foreigners

During Live, some people will comment on their positive experiences in Japan. Thinking about the good things is a big step towards having a happy life.

Alessandra Mitani: My son was born premature and stayed in the hospital for 6 months and when he was discharged he had to spend 2 years using an oxygen balloon. I never paid anything, I received 2 GDE tanks that were in the room and 6 small ones for locomotion. He even received help from gasoline to take to the doctor every week.

My son's hospital expenses alone was 9 million yen and I never had to pay. The government gave diapers, milk to the hospital and then they started sending it to my house monthly. I spent 2 years getting milk help until last February when he finished the chugakko.

I earn a lot of money, I have privileges at the factory and I bait in a Japanese contractor on the weekends. I am treated like a native, I was never discriminated against, I studied labor laws and I know my rights and duties. I see that the majority who complain do not speak Japanese and wait so many to solve their problems and do not bother to learn the language.

Does Japan help foreigners? Are we enslaved?

Deborah Okamoto: Until today I receive an oxygen balloon and I have the machine at home. My daughter's surgery was 20 million yen, if I were in Brazil I doubt that I would be able to pay. They paid for everything and look that my husband and Japanese and have financial conditions. I love this country, I am grateful.

Thiago de Oliveira: I have a friend who had a motorcycle accident going to work, and unfortunately lost an arm. In addition to earning compensation, he will receive retirement of 250,000 yen a month for the rest of his life even if he leaves Japan.

During the live I briefly heard about people getting even rice, and a girl who gets 7 thousand ticket for taxi a year.

Slaves in Japan?

Some Brazilians have the courage to say that they are enslaved in Japan. There are almost 200,000 Brazilians in Japan, are they enslaved with Ipad? Car? Traveling to Disney? Shopping? BBQing every week? Buying macbook? Slavery is working for a plate of food and taking a whip! Slaves don't go to Universal Studios in Osaka!

Does Japan help foreigners? Are we enslaved?

There are people who ride their bicycles who are more grateful than some people who have everything, they always suck but complain about a full belly. Are you angry because you are enslaved within a Saizeriya? Inside a MacDonald? In fact my whole life I never ate at a MacDonald in Brazil, I only had the chance to eat at one in Japan.

You who are in Japan with a full belly and usually complain and play slave! Wake up! You have to thank for the opportunity to enter Japan! How many want to leave Brazil and can't? If Japan doesn't care about you wouldn't even get a visa. You really have the right to complain about the place you live, but what is the need? There is a huge difference between complaining about the place or pursuing rights, which is the main argument that some use to complain.

If you are not receiving your rights, make sure you do all the right procedures and pay all taxes. If you are complaining about work too much or not having rights in your contractor, it is not easy, but look for a better one. If you are still unhappy, look for a place that makes you happy! You may miss your family, you may miss Brazil, but saying that Japan does not help is a hypocrisy, and if you think you are a slave, the reality is that you are enslaving yourself. Remembering that happiness comes from simple things and not from material goods, maybe you are working too hard on goods and forget the most important things in life and that is why you are not happy and you keep complaining.

Live Video

Below you can follow the Live video:

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8 thoughts on “O Japão ajuda os estrangeiros? Somos escravizados?”

  1. Bem coisa de Vira-Lata defendendo um país que nos vê como monstros em sua cultura(Blanka, Kamen Rider Amazon). Eu poderia ir para portugal pois tenho dois avos portugueses(Bem melhor né?). Escolhi fazer curso de japonês e fui tratado como lixo pelo meus professores, que até atrasavam no meu turno, vendo que e a pessoa que faz o seu País e vocês cospem nele então terão um palácio do catete e museus da era imperial e colonial pichados.Vão mas levem sua sujera.

    • País? Nacionalidade? Eu sou Imparcial ou Neutro, diferencio o mundo apenas em 2: Pessoas ruins e Pessoas boas… Eu não tenho culpa se a proporção aqui é maior…

  2. Quite like a mutt defending a country that sees us as monsters in their culture (Blanka, Kamen Rider Amazon). I could go to Portugal because I have two Portuguese grandparents (Much better, right?). I chose to take a Japanese course and I was treated like trash by my teachers, who even made it up to me. were late on my shift, seeing that it is the person who makes your country if you spit on it then you will have a palace of catheter and museums from the imperial era and colonial graffiti.Vão but take your dirt.

    • Country? Nationality? I am Impartial or Neutral, I only differentiate the world in 2: Bad People and Good People… It's not my fault if I propose it here é larger…

  3. Morei 3 anos no Japão, não tenho o que reclamar, hoje se eu pudesse eu voltaria sem dúvida, amo esse país.
    Hoje trabalho aqui no Brasil em uma prefeitura, sou contratada e trabalho sobre pressão psicológica, quando você não faz o que querem eles falam logo, abrem o olho…cuidado. ..podem ser demitidos .
    Por isso digo amei morar no Japão.

  4. Eu mesmo gostaria muito de sair dessa bomba relógio chamada Brasil e não posso.
    Olha, não estou aqui para julgar os problemas de ninguém, mas tem uma parcela sim de muitas reclamações totalmente sem sentido, ou como dito, puro mimimi.
    Acho que essas pessoas deveriam passar 1 ano aqui no BR e sentir na pele, todos os nossos problemas que me abstenho de escrever aqui. É na falta que muitos aprendem a dar valor.

  5. I myself would very much like to get out of this ticking time bomb called Brazil and I can't.
    Look, I'm not here to judge anyone's problems, but there are a lot of complaints that are totally meaningless, or as I said, pure mimimi.
    I think these people should spend 1 year here in BR and feel all our problems that I refrain from writing here. É in the absence that many learn to value.

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