Why do I prefer Japan to Brazil?

Why do I prefer Japan to Brazil? Why do I consider Japan better than Brazil? For many years I have been writing about Japan, which has become my main secular work. But I never wanted to stop to write about why I like Japan so much and I'm crazy to leave Brazil.

In these long years of battle I met several types of readers, some passionate about Japan, others with hatred of the Japanese and crazy to come to Brazil. Stubborn people wanting to know more than others and using pointless arguments or generalizations to denigrate things. These and other things that any author faces.

Why do I prefer Japan over Brazil?

I have already written several articles lamenting the unhappiness of some Brazilians who live in Japan. I understand perfectly that taste is something personal, and if the person has a Brazilian mind and has Brazilian tendencies it is obvious that they will prefer Brazil. Each one can decide what is best for themselves, but not for the others! Keep that in mind!

There are happy and sad people in every country! There are different realities for each person!

Why do I like Japan so much?

People must think I'm an addict for having this site. The truth is that it started as a hobby and turned into a job, I am not as passionate or I love Japan as some imagine, I always write good things because I prefer positive things that attract people. But there are people who can't seem to see something positive so I came to comment on something negative.

Why do I prefer japan to brazil?

The main reason I want to live in Japan today is because I work with him. Other reasons would be because I want to marry a Japanese girl and speak Japanese in my daily life, because it was this language that I decided to learn, that gave rise to the site. Another important factor is that I think Japan is much more frantic than other countries.

Many Brazilians dream of the USA, Canada and European countries. I personally think these countries are great, but I think they are too standard and have nothing but their cultures, traditions and landscapes. Japan always innovates and manages to surprise more and more, whether with technology, culture, landscapes or media.

Why do I prefer japan to brazil?

I consider Japan a strange and universal country, where I can access all cultures from around the world. Fashion, cuisine, sights and other things have an infinitely unimaginable variety compared to other countries. Japan has thousands of common things that you won't find anywhere in the world.

The key factor for me to like Japan so much is in its culture that involves education, honesty and hospitality. Not to mention safety, cleanliness, economy and other factors that make life as easy as possible for the population. If the person is able to live in Japan, love the culture and have time to enjoy it, they will have a very fun and frantic life!

Why do I prefer japan to brazil?

Why don't I like Brazil?

I think most people will agree that Brazil's violence, lack of education, corruption, ignorance and bankruptcy are factors that make many Brazilians angry. But most of them are used to it and don't care about the dirt on the streets, the fear of being mugged or the injustice of earning little and paying dearly.

I care! You don't know how pleasurable it is to walk on the street without seeing a hole, dog poop or trash. Walking around without having to hear strangers talking to sexually suggestive slang all the time or playing loud and immoral music. Walking with a cell phone, camera and tablet on the street without any fear or concern.

Why do I prefer Japan over Brazil?

I am a very fearful person, although I have never been robbed. Even so, I am increasingly indignant at every misfortune that happens in that country. I am fully aware that things are not going to get better because it depends not only on the government, but on the people. People are the biggest problem!

That warm love that Brazilians so brag about doesn't fool me anymore. What I see are people meddling in the lives of others, people discouraging others with comments like: “let go of it, give up, that was better, why do that".  Not to mention the extreme disagreement when someone thinks differently from you. And I haven't even mentioned the falseness yet...

Why do I prefer Japan over Brazil?

I am still able to endure all of these things, but I feel totally empty because absolutely everything I like is out there and everything I hate is here. football/soccer, Brazilian music, warm weather, Brazilian (traditional) cuisine, literature, films and anything Brazilian, I never had any taste for these things.

Expectation vs reality

It is obvious that everywhere there are good and bad people, there are problems and difficulties, there are cons and benefits. One of the main reasons why some people prefer to live in Brazil is friends and especially family. The only thing that holds me back in Brazil is the family, otherwise I would be anywhere away from here, because the other things are replaceable except the family.

Why do I prefer Japan over Brazil?

When you are living in Japan, it seems that everything for you becomes habitual, normal or ordinary. If the person continues in the same routine, without trying new things, he will get sick of his life. Perhaps this is one of the main reasons why Brazilians want to return to Brazil, they miss something and come back.

There is that famous saying, the neighbor's grass is always greener. Only when you leave a place do you really miss something. I don't mind leaving Brazil (except the family) because I have nothing to lose. Now you think about leaving Japan? Are you willing to exchange the security and other benefits it offers?

This is what happens when a person moves to Japan already thinking about coming back to Brazil and building a mansion with the money she earns in Japan. Then she realizes that this is impossible... And you? Do you prefer to live in Japan or Brazil? Why?

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