J-Beauty: learn Japanese women's secret to always having young skin

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Japanese women are references when it comes to skin. Owners of a beautiful and always young complexion, their care routine inspires the cosmetics market around the world. There is even a term to search for the secrets of oriental women: J-Beauty, which means Japanese Beauty, or Japanese beauty in English.

Besides they really take a balanced diet, which influences the skin, Japanese women are also serious about their beauty routine. Check out the three principles of Oriental skincare:

J-beauty: learn the secret of Japanese women to have forever young skin

Índice de Conteúdo


This is the main step for Japanese women. If you don't clean your skin properly, the next steps won't work either. You need to remove makeup and wash your face in this step. Here are two necessary products: make-up remover and cleaning foam. The type of product will depend on the type of skin and the amount of makeup used. An oil-based make-up remover, for example, should only be used by those who wear a lot of makeup.

For the face washing step, they use a facial cleansing foam. That's because for Japanese women, friction is the enemy of the skin, so the foam creates a soft layer between the hands and face. You must do this thorough cleaning every night. When lifting, it may just be the foam. So as not to harm the skin, the exfoliation should only be done once a week with the help of a very soft electric exfoliator.

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At this stage, you seek to maintain the skin's perfect balance, providing water and oil in the right measure through two products: tonic and emulsion. Toning regulates the skin's pH. This makes the skin soft and ready to absorb the next products. The tonic should be rubbed gently and gently with the help of a pad. and of course it must be alcohol free.

Then it's time to apply the emulsion. and this is the highlight of the Japanese technique, as it is little used in Brazil. It is required to apply the emulsion after the tonic to follow the J-beauty. Unlike the cream moisturizer, this product is more watery, yet it hydrates the skin in the right amount. This combo can be passed on getting up and before going to sleep.

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Seal up

Now it's time to apply a cream to seal the skin and protect it. You can choose a cream that has properties according to your goal, such as anti-aging. Therefore, this step is also called treatment. It must act in conjunction with the previous two steps, reinforcing its functions.

At this stage you can also include a facial serum, eye cream and sunscreen. The choice of products will depend on your skin's needs. However, it is worth stressing that it is essential to finish the skincare routine with this step, otherwise the previous processes lose their effect.

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