Amazing fun facts about Japan

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Did you know that Japan has a literacy rate of almost 100%, and the students themselves clean their classrooms? Check out this and more amazing facts about Japan.

Japan is a country that attracts the eyes of the whole world, after all, the country exports and influences the culture of the whole world! Some elements of its cuisine are known worldwide, the country was fundamental in the technological advancement of games, in addition to elements of its culture being widely used in other countries. 


Japan stands out thanks to its different and unusual cuisine. Who has never seen an image of varied ice cream flavors in Japanese markets? The flavors range from the traditional ones we already know, even passing through eel flavor ice cream…

Speaking of familiar foods, you've probably seen square watermelons! No? Because in Japan this is quite common. This different and curious shape of the fruit is obviously thanks to human intervention, there is no species of watermelon that is born in this shape. 

The square watermelon emerged around 30 years ago, where farmers place the still growing watermelon inside a square glass box, where it will still receive sunlight important for its development, but it will acquire the shape of the box. The square shape is more practical for moving and storing fruit.

And talking about chopsticks. When you say Japanese cuisine, you don't think so much about the food, but about the way of eating, with chopsticks, the famous "chopsticks”. Every year around 24 billion chopsticks are used in Japan! The use of the utensil comes from their tradition of considering it impolite to, for example, skewer your food. Also, if you want to share your food with someone, the correct thing is to put the food on the person's plate for them to serve themselves, and not take the food to the person's mouth.

Amazing facts about japan


Japan is ahead of the world when it comes to rail transport, considered the most punctual trains in the world! In fact, they are so punctual, the average delay is just 18 seconds! And in the case of delays, it is common for companies to apologize. This delay is so unusual, passengers imagine horrible things when it happens, like an earthquake, for example, or something tragic on the tracks.

Thinking about punctuality, Japan has a train that floats 10 centimeters over the tracks using magnetism. It can reach incredible speeds of up to 600 km/h, covering 1.8 kilometers in just 11 seconds.  

Amazing facts about japan

Japanese culture

In the previous topic, comments were made about the punctuality of Japanese transport, this is nothing more than a reflection of their punctuality culture. This is one of the qualities valued in Japanese culture, as well as hard work, discipline and respect for elders.

In Japanese schools there are no people hired to do the cleaning, the students and teachers themselves are in charge of this. This is a way of teaching from an early age the importance of organization, respecting public spaces, as well as teaching discipline.

Speaking of schools, Japan's literacy rate is 100%! But the reason behind this incredible mark is a reason for criticism in the world, after all, the Japanese educational system focuses much more on theory than in practice, with this, it ends up not encouraging students' thinking to focus on memorization. 

Manga are one of the elements of Japanese culture that have gained a lot of prominence in the world with anime. And an unusual curiosity about this Japanese art is that more paper is used in the production of comics than in toilet paper! The manga industry is billionaire, and the genre accounts for about 1-third of all material published by publishers nationwide.

Amazing facts about japan


Japanese society is one of the most tech-consuming in the world! It is even a problem among young people addicted to smartphones, some spending up to 15 hours a day using the device. There about 90% of all cell phones are waterproof so cell phones can be used while showering!

Japan is also considered as a country of food machines. Be it cold food, even hot food, it is very common to find vending machines that sell food on street corners. 

Two of the largest and most important companies in the gaming world originate in Japan. Nintendo is one of the pioneers and most important to create a path for Sony to trace and dictate much of what is the current gaming market. As Nintendo focused more on family and keeping traditional, it made room for Sony that with its console the Playstation embracing western elements embarked on more realistic or high-rated games.

With the history of video games tied in some ways to Japan, it is to be expected that it is a country that consumes a lot. The arcades were and are still quite successful in the country, still being very popular today, although arcades in Japan are very different from the rest of the world with one machine crazier than the other!

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