The impossible games I created

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I spent my childhood creating games on programs like RPG Maker, Engine 001 and Stencylworks. During the RPG Maker era I tried to create versions of Banjo-Kazooie, Crash and Harvest Moon. I've also always liked creating impossible levels in games, it started at Tony Hawk's and is currently making Mario Maker levels. In the meantime I created several impossible flash games!

Even though flash has died and even removed from some browsers, I am sharing with you some flash games that I created. You can access and download all my games by clicking on this link. The games are the files that finish com.swf! This is my folder where I usually store my files ... You can also access each game by clicking on its name. Your browser possibly will download it, you need to open it with Flash Player or some browser and program that supports Flash.swf files!

my impossible games

kyanball and kyanballthere were 2 games that I created whose simple objective is to take the ball to the end like a Mario platform game, but the stages, gravity, objects, platforms and everything in the game makes it difficult. They are two slightly different games but with the same objective, there is another ball game also called GraForce where you need to get the ball to the end using catapults.

The impossible games I created

I challenge you readers to try to beat one of these 2 impossible games! There is another one also inspired by Flappy Bird, but it is phased and has a different way of controlling gravity, has different challenges, shoots and even has bosses. the name of the game is GravityBird. I also created a game based on touhou, dango (clanad) and Hatsune Miku.

These are simple games, in flash, in click Games style ... but these are games that I devoted a lot of time to create and would like to share them with you! I hope you will spend a lot of anger throwing them. And there is the challenge for you to be able to zero at least the Gravity Bird or Kyanball that are the tough games ... I wish Dad Troll play, wanted to see his suffering with my games.

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