How to study and live in Japan with Living Japan

Have you ever thought about visiting, studying or even living in Japan? It is a unique opportunity for you who always dreamed of discovering the land of the rising sun!

THE Living Japan is an exchange agency associated with renowned Japanese schools and travel agencies. It is a safe choice for those who want to receive full assistance throughout the exchange process. You can start your planning right now and get all the help to choose a school in Japan.

The Living Japan exchange is for EVERYONE. You don't need to be of Japanese descent to participate.

This is the perfect opportunity for anyone who has always dreamed of having a unique experience. The exchange is a time of great learning, personal growth and professional development.

How does the Living Japan exchange work

Living Japan's focus is on education and professional qualificationTherefore, the objective is to make you learn Japanese until you reach the necessary level to enter a technical course or college and then be directed to the job market and get a permanent visa. 

The exchange is divided into two stages:


Study Japanese at a Japanese school for 1 year and 3 months up to 2 years. Acquire an advanced level in the language and be referred directly to a technical course or higher.


Join a technical course or japanese university (on average 2 to 4 years) and be directed to the Japanese labor market, making it easier to obtain a permanent visa.

*Those who have a university degree in Brazil can find it easy to get a job in Japan after acquiring the advanced level in the Japanese language.

Watch the video below and understand how Living Japan's exchange program works

Can I work while studying?

Yes! Japanese immigration allows you to work a maximum of 28 hours a week during the school term and 40 hours a week during the vacation period. This type of work is called arubaite (part time job). You can use the salary of arubaite to cover your basic expenses, but it's always indicated that you take a financial reserve with you to supplement your rent or in case of emergency.

Who can participate?

The Living Japan exchange is for EVERYONE. You don't need to be of Japanese descent to participate.

The basic requirements to participate in the exchange are simple, you just need to have completed high school and have the certificate of the proficiency test JLPT level N5 or have completed a module in the course. Japanese Online Program.

How do I sign up for Living Japan?

To start your exchange planning and live in Japan, just go to the official website. Living Japan and fill in the form that will get in touch with you within 3 working days to clear all your doubts.

Have you ever thought it was cool to learn Japanese in Japan and practice the language with the natives? Also, have the opportunity to qualify for the Japanese job market and stay in Japan for a long period?

Watch the video of Living Japan in partnership with Haruyuki and get to know one of the Japanese language schools

So, what are you waiting for to get in touch with Living Japan and start planning your dream trip? 

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